Sam Mendes thinks gender-neutral Oscars are 'inevitable'


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 Sam Mendes thinks Oscars should be gender-neutral"unausweichlich"
Sam Mendes is open to change. © imago/MediaPunch, SpotOn

Based on criticism by Emma Corrin

Sam Mendes (57) has 'sympathy' for the idea of ​​awarding acting Oscars in a gender-neutral manner in the future. The director, who won the Academy Award for his production of 'American Beauty', said this in an interview with the BBC. The 'Skyfall' maker considers the development to be 'inevitable' and 'reasonable'. So far there have been Oscars for best actor and best actress, and the supporting roles are separated by gender. All other categories are gender neutral.

Most recently, Emma Corrin (27) had fueled the debate. Emma Corrin (Lady Di in 'The Crown') identifies as a non-binary person and in November 2022 suggested gender-neutral prize categories. 'It's difficult for me to justify in my mind right now that I'm non-binary and that I'm nominated in female categories,' Corrin told the BBC.

These prices are already gender neutral

Gender-neutral price categories have been in demand for a long time - even if some actors, such as the German Acting Association, warn that women could go under.

More and more organizers are implementing the change requirements. Initially, however, rather small prizes such as the Spirit Award, the Canadian Screen Award and the Gotham Award.

A pioneer in the field of acting was the 'MTV Movie & TV Awards' in 2017. In the cross-gender category of the best film actors, around three women and three men were nominated, Emma Watson (32) won for 'Beauty and the Beast'. An actress also won the series, Millie Bobby Brown (18) for 'Stranger Things'

The Berlinale also merged the categories for actresses and actors. Since 2021 it has only been 'Best acting performance in a leading role' or supporting role. Here, too, only women have won so far.

At the Grammy Awards in 2011, those responsible canceled the categories 'Best Male Pop Vocal Performance' and 'Best Female Pop Vocal Performance'. Instead, there is the cross-gender prize 'Best Pop Solo Performance' - which so far has mainly been won by female singers.

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