Samira Klampfl about her mother's everyday life: 'I don't even know anymore who this Samira actually is'


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  Samira Klampfl with her daughter Nova.
Samira Klampfl with her* daughter Nova. © Instagram/ samirayasminleila

In May 2022 the life of Samira Klampfl (29) and Serkan Yavuz (29) once completely turned 180 degrees: The couple who met while filming ' Bachelor in Paradise “ got to know and love had offspring for the first time. And daughter Nova definitely has everything under control at home. It's quite normal for a new mom to reach your limits - Samira feels the same way, and she now speaks to her community with honest words.

Samira Klampfl's priorities have changed

In an Instagram Q&A, the former dome show participant is asked what her biggest challenge is as a mom. And instead of dodging the topic — as some of her fellow influencers probably would — she's bluntly addressing it. “Still being Samira. I don't even know anymore who this Samira actually is. You can see for yourselves that with Nova I became a 24/7 mom,' she explains, and certainly speaks from the soul of many other moms. While her content used to consist of make-up tutorials, bar hopping and the like, now everything revolves around complementary food, breastfeeding, lack of sleep and the like.

'I don't always find it cool either. But I'll tell you how it is: This is my life,' adds Samira, who of course would not give her daughter back for anything in the world.

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  Samira & Serkan:

Samira Klampfl is not afraid of being a bad mom

The family is always there for Samira so that she can cope with everyday life with a baby - for example when Serkan is on production for a longer period of time. 'My mother-in-law often offers to help me, whether in the household or with Nova,' reveals the 29-year-old. Sometimes Serkan's mother would come by early in the morning so that the new mommy could turn around and get a good night's sleep.

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'And that's no shame! It's good for me and that's automatically good for Nova. When mom is fine, the kids are fine too. It's very important that you know: you don't have to do everything on your own, take care of yourselves too,' Samira, who was initially unsure about accepting help, appeals to her fans.

Then she confides in her followers a personal story. Because when asked if she was afraid of not being a good mother, she said: 'I drank two glasses too much orange juice the other day. It just tasted too good and I didn't think about it at all. And Nova had such a sore bottom, you have no idea how sore. I cried so much.' Despite her guilty conscience towards her daughter, which is still being breastfed Samira is not afraid to be a bad mother: 'Because I love Nova so much, it almost hurts.' (dga)

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