Sarafina Wollny is bursting with happiness: Her Emory is taking the first steps!


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Sarafina Wollny with her twins Emory and Casey.
Sarafina Wollny with her twins Emory and Casey. ©

For little Emory Wollny (1), this moment should not be remembered for long, for Mama Sarafina (27) and Papa Peter all the more! Because what are just a few small steps for the little brat are 'magical moments' for his parents.

In May 2020, Sarafina and Peter Wollny became parents for the first time – and then twins! Her two boys go by the names Emory and Casey and are now almost a year and a half old. About a year after the birth of their sons, the small family moved to Turkey , where Emory and Casey have been growing up ever since. The 27-year-old keeps sharing private insights into her family life with her followers on her Instagram account. It's clear that she doesn't want to withhold a very special moment from her fans: just a few hours ago, the mother of two posted a video in which son Emory took her very first steps – all alone and pretty sure!

Emory Wollny is already a radiant man

At the beginning of the video, Emory is still holding onto a kitchen chair, but quickly lets go of it – to cheering calls from dad – and falls into the arms of Peter Wollny. With every little step, the smile on the one-year-old's face seems to get bigger and bigger. And his father's excitement can also be clearly heard in his voice. 'Yes, come to dad,' calls Peter Wollny enthusiastically and proudly hugs his son when he reaches him after a few independent steps.

It is probably Sarafina who is filming this “magical moment” with her mobile phone camera. On Instagram she shares the video and her feelings: 'Sooo proud [...] what a wonderful moment'! Sarafina's younger sister Estefania Wollny (20) comments on the video with hearts and enthusiastic emojis. And the fans of the Wollnys like it too: 'Oh my God, how time flies,' writes a follower. Someone else is happy that Sarafina shared this moment with her fans: 'Just nice to see'. Emory's twin brother Casey took his first steps of his own this October. Sarafina Wollny also shared this moment on Instagram. Now her two sons can explore the world together! (cre)

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