Sarafina Wollny is no longer heard from - the cause is ugly


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Sarafina Wollny explains her unplanned radio silence.
Sarafina Wollny explains her unplanned radio silence. © Instagram/sarafina_wollny

What was happening there?! Sarafina Wollny (27) and her husband Peter (31) should actually be on cloud nine with happiness – because it wasn't until Christmas that they announced another pregnancy! But this event has now been overshadowed as the family went through a difficult time...

'The last few days have been very chaotic here'

Shortly after the young mother of two announced her second pregnancy on Instagram at Christmas, it became quiet about the Wollny offspring. Now she reported back to her followers in an Instagram story and explained the unpleasant reason for her involuntary social media break. “We are doing well so far,” writes Sarafina Wollny in her story. And further: 'The last few days have been very chaotic here'. The reason for the chaos was an illness that is said to have attacked both little Casey (1) and Sarafina's husband Peter. The little son of the soon-to-be mother of three is doing well again, and Peter, who is still ailing, is also on the mend. Mama Sarafina obviously took good care of her patients. She goes on to say that her twins, Casey and Emory, are 'just full of crap on their minds right now.'

illness again

Sarafina Wollny and her Peter became parents for the first time on May 18, 2021 – since then the mother has been proudly posting pictures of her two bundles of joy Casey and Emory on Instagram. And even if the family seems overjoyed: there was already excitement about the two babies in November. You had pneumonia . Fortunately, worse things could be prevented with the current illness, and hopefully the family can now relax and prepare for the third baby, which should see the light of day in August 2023.

By the way, Sarafina Wollny has reported back in the meantime – and in a special way. She made a sweet declaration of love to her husband Peter for his birthday .

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