Sarafina Wollny's new life in Turkey: Does the twin mom regret emigration?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Sarafina Wollny's new center of life is in Turkey.
Sarafina Wollny's new center of life is in Turkey. © Instagram, sarafina_wollny

Can this environment even top Neuss near Düsseldorf? called for years Sarafina Wollny (27) the beautiful town was her home until the reality star dared to emigrate to Turkey. The mother of two from 'Die Wollnys' has now revealed via social media whether she still feels comfortable in her new home.

Turkey update by Sarafina Wollny

While shopping in Neuss, Sarafina, husband Peter and the two of them happened to be Twins Casey und Emory (both 1) cross paths? Unfortunately, this is no longer possible at the moment. But how did the family fare in Turkey - and above all: Does Sarafina possibly regret the step? When asked by a follower if she was fine in the new location, she replied Silvia Wollnys (57) daughter now:

“We feel very comfortable here. The most important thing for us is that the twins are happy here.' Unfortunately, the latter do not yet have the language skills to express their feelings about the emigration in an Instagram story. However, their mum seems sure that their babies are works fine.

In the video: The new baby booth of the Wollny twins

 Sarafina Wollny shows the twins' new children's room

Wollny twins become little stars

However, they always have a reason to do so. As twin mother Sarafina shows in her story, dad Peter bought the sweet twins a new toy. A short clip shows the dynamic duo dashing around Turkey in a small electric car. Hopefully they already know the local speed limits!

And as if it wasn't enough that the minis replay the baby edition of 'Fast & Furious', a song is now even dedicated to the little ones. The number is sung by Sarafina's sister Estefania Wollny (20) for the song hopefully no ridicule from moderator Stephen Mross (46) reaps. He had last laughed during a moderation when her name was mentioned, which led to a lot of trouble . Luckily, her sister's twins don't have such worries yet. And rather enjoy their best Turkey life including their own car and song. (us)

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