Sarah Engels: Julian makes a touching declaration of love to his wife – 'given meaning to my life'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Sarah and Julian Engels
Sarah and Julian Engels have been married since 2021. (archive image) © Instagram

He has certainly melted the hearts of many women! For three years are Julian (30) and Sarah Engels (30) now a pair. On their anniversary, Julian made a touching declaration of love to his wife.

'You are my soulmate'

He also published very private photos on Instagram: the couple in the canoe, wedding photos with Sarah's son Alexei (7) and also an ultrasound picture of their daughter (1) Solea.

'Often you cannot imagine how grateful I am to be able to get up next to you every day. You fill my life with color. With you everything feels so right and warm, you gave my life meaning and make me a better person every day. I love you my darling and I'm so happy to be able to fill our own little colorful picture book with you and my two sweethearts with more memories every day,' he writes.

Sarah answers her sweetheart

This declaration of love did not leave Sarah unanswered for long. She writes in the comments: 'Oh darling. I love you so much and I am just so thankful that you are there. Thank you for always being by my side & loving me. Even on the days when I'm a trouble sweetheart. ”She also posts a few hearts. The followers are also enthusiastic about the declaration of love: 'You wrote that really incredibly beautifully' or 'You are such a beautiful and great couple' are the comments.

In the video: Julian and Sarah on love vacation

  Sarah and Julian Engels celebrate togetherness on a love vacation

They have been happily together for three years

The two have been a couple since December 2019. They got married in May last year - and adopted Sarah's maiden name 'Engels'. Sarah was with before Peter Lombardi (30) married and still bore his last name until last year . Her son Alessio also came from this marriage. Sarah has a one-year-old daughter, Solea, with Julian, who was originally called Buecher. ( mri )

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