Sarah Engels: Julian surprises her with the most beautiful declaration of love ever


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Julian with his wife Sarah Engels.
Julian with his wife Sarah Engels. © Instagram

He's on cloud nine, gives Julian English (29) at his long Insta post. On Saturday (October 15) became his wife Sarah 30 years old. Her son Alessio (7), from her marriage to Pietro Lombardi (30), already gave his mom a huge surprise . A day later, her husband follows suit and surprises his wife not only with his gift, but also with the most romantic declaration of love in the world.

'Retreat, Best Friend and Home'

'I know sometimes you can't imagine how grateful and happy I am to have you in my life,' Julian begins his birthday greetings on Instagram. His sweetheart has started the new decade of her life: the 30s are now waiting for Sarah. A good ten months ago she gave him his first child : Daughter Solea. 'But you're not just the love of my life, my incredibly sexy sweetheart, who enchants me every day with her doe eyes,' he continues.

Sarah, Julian and the kids have just returned from their vacation in Tenerife. There already they have just a few days ago, her followers went crazy with hot smooch photos . Now Julian's Insta fans hardly get any more of his sweet words.

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  Sarah Engels have with Alessio ab

Fans flow with so much romance

'Honey, when you're there, I feel complete.' With her by his side, it feels like 'I could fly. I think being able to have you around me every day is my greatest gift,” he thanks his wife Sarah.

For the loving words, the 29-year-old is practically overwhelmed with hearts in the comment column. 'You are a great couple,' says a follower. 'Wow, what great words!' Writes another. 'Beautifully written, dear Julian', someone else congratulates the footballer's declaration of love.

  Sarah Engels is given a Piaggio speedster
Of course, there was also a surprise gift for his Sarah: a Piaggio speedster, which they test drove together back in Germany. © Instagram, /sarellax3

At the beginning of 2020, the two made their love public with this kissing photo . Apparently nothing has been lost from the magic of her feelings. 'I love you from the bottom of my heart and I want to fly with you forever,' writes Julian on a series of photos that show him with Sarah and her little family.

'Per semper', 'forever', Julian ends the most beautiful declaration of love that Sarah Engels could have wished for her 30th birthday - even if she only went online on Instagram a day later. Offline, in real life, Julian will surely have informed his Sarah on time. (vne)

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