Sarah Engels' luxury lifestyle is really that expensive


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"Etwas beängstigend": Fans stören Camping-Urlaub von Sarah Engels
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First vacations in Hawaii and Tenerife, most recently even the Arctic Circle was visited and now I want to Sarah Engels (30) also get a boat license and sail along the Rhine with the family. Sounds like things are going well for the singer. But how expensive is the fun really? We took a closer look.

Too much information?

A look at Sarah's Instagram profile shows that the influencer likes to have fun: travel, eat out, spend time with the family. What really doesn't seem to matter in any of these things is money.

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At least that's what their fans seem to have noticed. A follower comments: “Very nice pictures. But such a holiday is not affordable for normal earners or single parents.” Should the 30-year-old be careful how much she shares on her social networks?

Sarah Engels: 'We're getting a boat license'

As the 30-year-old now revealed in her Instagram story, she wants to be with her husband Julian English (29) get a boat license and then buy a boat. Sarah can already see herself sailing across the Rhine with her husband and children.

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But it shouldn’t just stay with the Rhine, the Engels family should also take over the sea at full speed ahead: “We get the boat license for inland waterways and sea, because then we can sail on the sea and with us on the Rhine. I think that would be super nice – Sarah as a little captain,” the mother of two tells her followers.

But how expensive is the fun really?

The fact that everything is currently becoming more expensive can no longer be denied. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly rare to treat yourself. And yes, the boat and sailing industry often struggles with prejudice. But is such a boat license really that expensive?

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Jochen Vetter, owner of the sailing school, explains: 'A boat license for inland waterways and sea costs around 500 euros including the registration fees!' It is definitely cheaper than a car license. But can you compare the price of a car with a boat? “A dinghy with a motor starts at around 8,000 euros, depending on its size. There are no upper limits,” explains Vetter. And what about the cost of living? Vetten continues: 'Rent for the jetty can amount to around 4,000 euros a year for a 10-meter boat, plus insurance and fuel!' There's a lot going on.

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  Sarah and Julian Engels celebrate togetherness on a love vacation

And the singer's vacations only give an idea of ​​how expensive they really were in the end.
For a holiday in the Arctic Circle in the 'Apukka' resort you have to budget around 31,000 euros for two adults and one child. A little cheaper, if not cheap, was probably the vacation in Hawaii. According to the online platform '', at least 4,000 euros per person should be expected for a 14-day stay for two people with two islands. This covers the flight, a cheap standard hotel and a small car with insurance.

Sarah Engels works so hard for her dreams

It's no wonder that Sarah can afford all these things. After all, there is an incredible amount of work behind all the trips and chic restaurants – for which the singer is properly rewarded. According to 'TKP', also known as the 'thousand contact price', the 30-year-old would get around 15,000 euros per paid post. The 'TCP' is a common key figure that is used in media planning to find out how much money has to be used to generate a certain reach. In addition, of course, there is her career as a singer and actress.

Sarah has the reach and makes her fans happy with her content every day - but the best thing is that her fans stand behind her and allow her the luxury. The singer definitely deserves it!

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