Sarah Engels shares a WhatsApp chat with Julian: the amniotic sac burst at the most inopportune moment


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  Sarah and Julian Engels
Singer Sarah Engels has become a mother for the second time. She gave birth to their daughter Solea Liana on December 2nd. © Instagram

Most pregnant women can hardly wait in the last few weeks to finally hug their child. And sometimes everything happens unexpectedly quickly. Sarah Engels (30) was quite surprised when the amniotic sac suddenly burst in December 2021. The musician now shows the chat history with her husband on Instagram Julian (29). From this it can be seen that she had everything else on her mind than the birth...

'My waters broke during the pedicure.'

  Sarah Engel
Sarah Engels smolders in memories. © Instagram

The little one came on December 2, 2021 Solea Liana was born and made her famous mother Sarah Engels a mother of two. With son Alessio (7) from her first marriage Peter Lombardi (30) and husband Julian (29) Sarah revels in family happiness. Since then, Sarah's more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram have also had all sorts of mommy content.

The 29-year-old already explained on Instagram that things were pretty chaotic before Solea's birth: 'It all happened very spontaneously and completely unexpectedly. My waters burst during the pedicure.' Now Sarah revealed more intimate details about the birth on Instagram!

Sarah's water broke at a very bad time. © Instagram

A chat with her husband Julian, which the singer publishes, now shows how unexpectedly the contractions came for Sarah: 'Honey. Oh my God. My amniotic sac. Quick. Honey man. Get in touch,' it says. But instead of the upcoming one To think about birth, husband Julian should quickly bring a roll.

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The singer did not expect that she would hold her little treasure in her hands so quickly. But how is it called? All's well that ends well! (cba)

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