Sarah Engels still has tingling in her stomach: declaration of love to her Julian


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 Sarah and Julian Engels
Sarah and Julian Engels © Instagram

Sarah Engels (30) is already since over two years With her Julian together. They have been married since May 2021. But the proud mother of two still has a tingling in her stomach today. She now admits this to her Instagram followers in an 'I can't fall asleep' question and answer session. At a late hour, the singer gives her fans a glimpse into her love life. She not only reveals what she feels when she looks at her husband, but also what her future family planning looks like.

'Far from more than a tingle in the stomach'

 Sarah Engels makes a public declaration of love to her Julian.
Sarah Engels makes a public declaration of love to her Julian. © Instagram/sarellax3

'Do you still sometimes get tingling in your stomach with Julian when you see each other?' Asks a curious follower of the mom Alessio (7) and Usually (11 months). Sarah's answer comes like a shot: 'Yes!'. Those moments would still exist in their relationship. But now their love is so solid and strong that there is 'far more than a tingling in the stomach'. This is certainly also due to the fact that the spouses enjoy their family life to the fullest. Her eleven-month-old daughter is even taking her first steps.

In the video: Sarah Engels takes off with Alessio

 Sarah Engels have with Alessio ab

Are more offspring planned?

But are the Engels already planning more offspring? A follower overshoots the mark with this question: 'When is Baby No. 4 planned?' He asks Sarah. 'After we plan baby #3,' is her quick-witted response. 'One after the other' is Sarah's motto when planning a family. Alessio and Solea are currently getting “100 percent of their attention”, which they are “extremely enjoying at the moment”. (lkr)

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