Sarah Harrison: Diagnosis finally brings clarity to her health issues


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  Sarah Harrison finally got a diagnosis from the doctor.
Sarah Harrison finally got a diagnosis from the doctor. © Instagram, /sarah.harrison.official

Sarah Harrison (31) came to Germany to find out what's wrong with her. have been plaguing for weeks the Dubai-based influencer serious health problems. Stomach pain, exhaustion, weight loss - all these are symptoms for which the mother of two has no explanation. Until now! On Instagram, the 31-year-old reveals that she has finally received a diagnosis. But first she has to digest it.

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Blood results solve the mystery

'By the way, I got my blood results and evaluations today and I'm glad that we have a diagnosis. All my symptoms can be related to it,' Sarah explains to her fans on Instagram. Before that, the social media star underwent an intense medical marathon. With the words 'New Day' reports the wife of Dominic Harrison (31) now off the drip.

  Sarah Harrison has to digest her diagnosis first.
Sarah Harrison has to digest her diagnosis first. © Instagram/sarah.harrison.official

“I have to find out more about it first and digest it, and then I can let you know. I just want to see how I'm doing these days,' said the 31-year-old. Seems like Sarah's diagnosis isn't that easy to take.

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Sarah needs time and rest now

The sad everyday life former 'Bachelor' candidate . Because Sarah has her husband and her daughters My Rose (4) and rising (2) left behind in Dubai for her to get to the bottom of a mysterious illness in Germany . For this she has placed herself in the hands of a naturopath. For a long time no one knew what was tormenting Sarah. But apparently she now has a guess. It remains to be seen whether the influencer will soon want to share with her fans what she is suffering from. (lkr)

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