Sarah Harrison finally reveals what she's suffering from: THIS is her diagnosis


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  Finally! Sarah Harrison has her diagnosis

The past few weeks have been for Sarah Harrison (31) not easy. The YouTuberin's health was not good at all. Among other things, she suffered from abdominal pain and loss of appetite, which caused her to lose a lot of weight. Since the doctors in Dubai couldn't really help her, she even flew to Germany for a check-up and to be fed up. With success: The wife of Dominic Harrison (31) finally has a diagnosis and is now speaking openly about it with her community for the first time.

Sarah Harrison suffers from a gluten intolerance

'I got a result. I had to digest that first and deal with it myself, read it up and talk about it with friends and family first,' explains Sarah in her Instagram story. And she has one gluten intolerance developed. Means she has to change her entire diet and avoid foods with grains such as wheat, barley, rye and the like: 'It felt strange at first because they are all so delicious things that I simply have to do without now. It's okay with me now. I've been gluten-free for six days.'

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Since then, things have been going uphill for the mother of two. “I see and feel how I am getting better every day. I have an appetite again, I can eat, my nights are getting better, my symptoms are disappearing. It's really crazy,' is her first conclusion: 'For me it was definitely the right decision to fly to Germany, to be examined there by people I trust.'

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  Sarah Harrison: Trip to Germany

That's why the YouTuber initially kept the diagnosis secret

It has been clear for a few days what Sarah is suffering from – She also revealed this online, but without going into any further detail. Many followers didn't seem to like it at all, because the 31-year-old justifies herself in her current story: 'As I said, I wanted to find out more first, to process it myself. Think about it, you get a message like this and from one day to the next you are not allowed to eat any more pasta, which you used to like to feast on, or cakes, baked goods, just breakfast... rolls, bread, everything is gone. Or you have to look for alternatives first.”

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In the meantime, Sarah has informed herself and is on the right track. 'I've already been grocery shopping in Germany with my mum. First of all, what are the alternatives out there? The worst thing for me is snacking with the kids. You're also totally restricted outside,' she summarizes. Nevertheless, she does not let her diagnosis bring her down and searches for delicious recipes that her body can tolerate. (dga)

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