Sarah Harrison is back in Dubai after her diagnosis


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  Sarah Harrison relaxes by the pool
Sarah Harrison is back in Dubai after her diagnosis © Instagram, /sarah.harrison.official

Sarah Harrison recently traveled to Germany to be examined. The influencer suffers from abdominal pain and exhaustion, and her weight is also decreasing. The 31-year-old had no explanation for all these symptoms, so she left Dubai and her family for a few days to clarify their health problems. Now Sarah is back in Dubai giving her fans an update.

Back in Dubai: Sarah Harrison takes a relaxed approach to everyday life

In her Instagram story Sarah Harrison her fans know that she is now back in her adopted country. She happily puts surprise eggs in the fridge while her husband Dominic Harrison (31) films them. Otherwise, a walk with the family and finally sleeping in are on the agenda. In another story, the influencer then enthusiastically reports how well she was able to sleep at night – for the first time in a long time. She slept so well that they all overslept right away, which is why the morning with everyday family life was a bit stressful. Anyway, after the daughters Mia Rose (4) and Kyla (2) were taken to school and kindergarten, there was a great healthy breakfast with a smoothie, scrambled eggs and raw vegetables that her husband Dominic had conjured up for them.

Time and rest are Sarah's motto for the next few days, which she treats herself to by the pool with her husband. This time out is very important for her after the stressful time and she enjoys being back with her loved ones.

  Sarah Harrison is back in Dubai
Sarah Harrison enjoys everyday life and the tranquility in Dubai © Sarah Harrison / Instagram

The diagnosis is there - but Sarah has to digest it first

The past time has been difficult for the ailing Sarah . Apparently, the visits to the doctor in Germany brought clarity. On Instagram, the mother of two had already informed her fans before returning to Dubai that she had received her blood results and the evaluations and now finally a diagnosis. 'All my symptoms can be related to it,' Sarah explained in a previous Instagram story.

Shortly thereafter, the former bachelor's candidate reported again: 'First of all, I have to find out more about it and digest it, and then I can let you know. Just want to see how I'm doing these days.' This led fans to suspect that Sarah didn't get an easy diagnosis. It is not yet known what her illness is all about. Maybe Sarah will enlighten us soon.

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