Sausage Gate! Why Prince Harry felt disadvantaged as a child


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Prince Harry is said to have had one sausage fewer than Prince Williams as a child.
Prince Harry is said to have had one sausage fewer than Prince Williams as a child. © picture alliance

For Prinz Harry (38) it was about the sausage! Namely at breakfast in the morning with brother William (40). Lady Diana's ex-butler Paul Burrell remembers a bizarre scenario at the royal breakfast table that was the first trigger for the current quarrel between Lady Diana's sons could have been. Bone of contention: A missing sausage from Harry's plate.

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Why did Prince William get one more sausage than Prince Harry?

Diana's former butler, Paul Burrell, opens up about the sausage gate between Harry and William in 'The Sun.' © picture alliance

In the British 'Sun' Paul Burrell (64) reveals that Prince Harry was given the feeling early on that he was 'less important than.' Prince William was'. One moment in particular stuck in his mind. At breakfast, little Harry is said to have gotten one sausage less than his big brother. Lady Dianas former butler recalls Harry indignantly asking why William gets three sausages when he only has two on his plate. The nanny reportedly replied, 'William needs a little more than you, he'll be king one day after all.'

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Little Harry is said to have become very quiet. For Paul Burrell, this 'sausage gate' was the first moment in which the later rivalry between Diana's sons was already clear.

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Harry as an organ spares store for William?

In his book “Reserve”, which was published on January 10, Harry extensively laments the fact that Harry is otherwise a really poor sausage. 'I was only born if something happened to Willy,' he writes there. It was intended as a kind of spare parts store for Prince William should the future king 'need a kidney, a blood transfusion or bone marrow'. (csp)

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