Schwesta Ewa invites strange children to her daughter's birthday party


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 Rapper Schwesta Ewa at the premiere of Rheingold at the 32nd Film Festival Cologne 2022 in the Cinedom. Cologne, 24.10.2022 NRW Germany *** Rapper Schwesta Ewa at the premiere of Rheingold at the 32 Film Festival Cologne 2022 at the Cinedom Cologne,
Rapper Schwesta Ewa is throwing a birthday party for her four-year-old daughter. Children from other countries are also invited. © IMAGO/Panama Pictures, IMAGO/Christoph Hardt,

Happy Birthday Aaliyah! The little daughter of rapper Schwesta Ewa (38) will be four years old on January 9, 2023. To celebrate the day, her mum hums her a little birthday song and packs a load full of small gifts for the kindergarten. But that's not all: Schwesta Ewa also wants to invite other children to Aaliyah's birthday party. And for a good reason.

Schwesta Ewa invites strangers to her daughter's party

Apparently, mom and daughter are up pretty early on this special day: Schwesta Ewa shares a video from her four-year-old Aaliyah's birthday. You can't see much of it at first because it's still dark outside. But you can hear all the better how cute the rapper's daughter counts her fingers with which she shows how old she has become. 'Four years old already,' the 38-year-old cheers and asks: 'What do we do now?' - whereupon her daughter replies: 'Unpack presents!' But it doesn't go that quickly, because: 'First kindergarten.'

On this special day, Schwesta Ewa doesn't just want to give her own daughter great memories: 'If your child has never been invited to a birthday party and you're from Düsseldorf, let me know. I'll take two, three, four kids to some game country or something.' Then the rapper kisses the camera big.

Schwesta Ewa gets a lot of encouragement for her idea

The birthday invitation to strange parents and children is well received by Schwesta Ewa's followers. 'How sweet is that of you,' comments one user. Another wrote: 'Very nice. I find it good. Know that as a single father.” Not only her eyes should shine on Aaliyah's birthday, but also those of children for whom a children's birthday party is not necessarily part of everyday life. (cre)

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