Selena Gomez Dating a Chainsmokers DJ?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 New dating rumors surrounding Selena Gomez
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Does Selena Gomez (30) have a new man by her side? As has now become known, she is said to be with the Chainsmokers musician Drew Taggart (33).

'Selena can hardly keep her hands off him'

An insider is fueling the rumor mill. The source revealed to USWeekly that selena gomez and Drew Taggart are in a casual relationship: 'They don't try to hide their romance by sneaking around members-only clubs.' According to the insider, they date traditionally, 'going bowling and going to the movies The two are said to be 'having a lot of fun together.' The source further divulges, 'Selena can't keep her hands off him.'

Previously, Drew Taggart was said to have been with Steve Jobs' youngest daughter Eve Jobs (24), but it wasn't enough for more than a summer romance. Selena Gomez, the after breaking up with Justin Bieber (28) momentarily was with The Weeknd (32). , among other things in the past Chris Evans (41) and have dated the brother of Nicola Peltz (28). Serious relationships did not develop from this, however.

Sex confession: Chainsmokers and the threesome with the fans

Drew Taggart recently made headlines with his DJ colleague Alex Pall (37). In the 'Call Her Daddy' podcast by Alex Cooper (28), the boys revealed that they regularly had sex with fans together. These sex adventures experienced ' The Chainsmokers ' on their European tour many years ago when they were still fairly new in the business. 'Those were the days when we had to share a hotel room together,' explained Drew Taggart. 'So we were almost forced to end up in weird situations like this,' he admitted. Well, those times should be over by now at the latest.

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