Seven bizarre revelations about King Charles that Prince Harry has spilled


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  King Charles and Prince Harry
King Charles and Prince Harry © picture alliance / ZUMAPRESS, picture alliance, Keith Mayhew

Who on spicy insights into the life of british royals hoped was by Prince Harry's Memoirs 'Spare' not disappointed. The 38-year-old has a lot to tell in his book - and hardly minces his words. Also about King Charles (74) Harry divulges some interesting details. In the memories of his son, the monarch appears in a completely new light. Or did you know that Charles likes a wavy mane in women?

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King Charles likes wavy manes on women

Yes, you read that right! King Charles has a particular preference when it comes to women's hairstyles. Before Duchess Meghan (41) met her future father-in-law, Prince Harry thoroughly briefed her: 'Her hair was down because I suggested she wear it that way. Pa likes it when women wear their hair down. grandma too. She often commented 'Kate's beautiful mane'.

Not only that, 'Meg wore little makeup, which I suggested,' Harry continues. 'Pa didn't approve of women who carried a lot.' Minimalism is apparently not only Charles's motto when it comes to his coronation.

Charles had a fluffy companion for years

Before Queen Camilla (75) shared the bed with Charles, someone else kept him company there. According to Harry, the British king owned a teddy bear , who accompanied him throughout his life and whom he loved dearly. 'A pitiful thing, with broken arms and dangling threads, patches here and there on the holey fur. Teddy expressed – and better than Pa ever could – how deeply lonely he felt growing up.”

The 74-year-old was said to have only been able to retire his teddy bear when Camilla was officially by his side. Harry and his brother Prince William (40) thought their father deserved something better. 'Sorry to Teddy, Pa deserves a decent companion. So when asked, Willy and I promised Pa that we would welcome Camilla to the family.”

  King Charles is a fan of teddy bears
King Charles is a fan of teddy bears © Getty Images

The king is a good tracker

According to Harry, Charles not only has a thing for hair and teddy bears, but also for scents. The 38-year-old claims with a wink that his father must have been 'a sleuth' in a previous life. 'He was always sniffing something. Food, roses, our hair.” Perhaps, the prince reflects, “he smelled things so extensively because he found it difficult to perceive anything besides his own scent.”

Accordingly, Charles is said to have smeared his perfume “Eau Sauvage” in “rough amounts on his cheeks, neck, shirt”. 'Floral, with a hint of something pungent, like pepper or gunpowder, it was made in Paris,' Harry describes the special scent.

Charles starts every day with a head

For Charles, the world is upside down - literally! As his son reports, the 74-year-old has had a recurring routine for decades. So he should start every day with a headstand. And the king relies on absolute privacy and strictly closed doors. If he should have only sensed a disturbance, he is said to have called out urgently: 'No! Do not open! Please God, don't open it!” Apparently he was only doing the exercise wearing boxer shorts.

A pole that Charles could hold on to 'like a skilled acrobat' complemented his home workout for many years, Harry reveals.

Refreshing bath with ghetto blaster and

When Harry and William ate their dinner as children, they often heard their father pass their room, the royal dropout recalls in his memoirs. While the brothers enjoyed fish fingers and cottage pie, Charles padded down the hall in his slippers after a long bathing session. 'He carried his 'radio,' as he called his portable CD player, which he liked to use while bathing to listen to his 'story books,'' writes Harry.

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Charles falls asleep at work

Another bizarre habit of today's king is the way he works. Because according to Harry, Charles is so diligent and works so much that he often falls asleep about it.

He and his brother often 'found him at his desk amid mountains of bulging mailbags.' 'More than once we spotted him, face down on the desk, fast asleep. We shook his shoulders and he jumped up with a piece of paper stuck to his forehead.”

Charles avoids television and the news

As far as Harry is concerned, his father shows no interest in current affairs. At least that's how it was before he became king. 'He read everything from Shakespeare to the White Papers on climate change, but never the news of the day,' he says, adding that watching TV tended to provoke negative reactions from Britain's current monarch. 'He used to watch the BBC, but often ended up throwing the remote control at the TV.' (tma)

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