Seven tips on how to reduce waste at Christmas


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Seven tips on how to reduce waste at Christmas
At Christmas, there is usually a lot of packaging waste. © SAJE/, SpotOn

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Wrapping paper, empty advent calendars, disused decorations - mountains of rubbish often accumulate at Christmas. These tips will help to reduce waste and protect the environment during the contemplative time.

Make your own decoration

The beautiful decoration from the trade often has a disadvantage: it consists of materials that are difficult to recycle. An alternative is to make your own decorations from sustainable materials. Side effect: Anyone who likes to do handicrafts has additional fun.

Order emission-saving

Many reputable mail order companies now offer emission-saving delivery methods. It is therefore worth investing a little more in environmentally friendly delivery, especially during the busy Christmas period.

Recyclable wrapping paper

Coated wrapping paper is widespread: with components made of plastic or aluminum. To avoid this problematic packaging, recyclable wrapping paper is worthwhile.

Giving sustainably

Everyone knows it: At Christmas there is a lot of odds and ends that may work as a little gag, but are no longer needed afterwards. Sustainable and conscious giving can therefore be worthwhile for the environment.


Wish lists ensure that only what is really needed is given. In this way, unwanted gifts that end up in the trash far too early can be avoided.

Shop consciously

Christmas grocery shopping is typically characterized by fully loaded shopping trolleys. A well-planned shopping list is a good way to avoid unnecessary waste - and the purchase of products that do not use superfluous plastic packaging.


Not only avoiding waste, but also saving money through the so-called upcycling: old products are given a new use. With high-quality upcycling, supposed waste becomes an exotic gift that was made with a lot of love.

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