Silvia Wollny in the grandma memory test: What are the names of her 16 grandchildren?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Does Silvia Wollny know the names of her grandchildren?

Since 2011, the Wollnys have been giving public insights into their family life in their RTL2 show. One scene in particular burned into the minds of all viewers: It was the moment when Silvia Wollny (57) called her children and their friends over to eat: 'Sylvana, Sarafina, Sarah-Jane, Lavinia, Estefania, Calantha, Loredana, Peter, Flea!' Phew, long list - and that still like a shot. But what about the grandchildren? We did the test to see if Silvia is still on the ball today.

An endless list

A large family also means: a large memory span. At least it would be an advantage if you want to have all family members on screen. An average person is good at remembering a series of seven pieces of information. The Wollny family now has significantly more members. The 16 grandchildren alone are a number in themselves. And grandmothers in particular are always so happy about every single one. How glad Silvia Wollny about the new generation her family, we wanted to try it out and cheekily asked for all the names of her grandchildren. You can see in the video whether she successfully completed the challenge.

'I am a good grandma'

But name or not. Silvia Wollny is a good grandmother, she tells us in an interview. She is a real friend for her grandchildren , crazy and up for anything. When raising the little ones, she likes to think back to her own childhood: 'I had a fantastically beautiful childhood,' enthuses Silvia. Even though they didn't have much. But it is precisely this attitude – happy without mass consumption – that she wants to pass on to the youngest generation. And it's growing! Two more babies are on the way at the Wollnys . More detailed information remains secret, however, because it will only be announced exclusively in February in the new season 'The Wollnys - a terribly large family'. (rbe)

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