Silvia Wollny: symptoms of paralysis! This is how she is now


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  Silvia Wollny was bitten by a tiger mosquito.
Silvia Wollny was bitten by a tiger mosquito. © Instagram/wollnysilvia

Great concern for Silvia Wollny (57)! That Head of the famous extended family was bitten by a tiger mosquito. 'I have to tell you the pain is extreme,' the 57-year-old now reports to her fans in a health update and also warns her community.

Silvia Wollny was lucky in misfortune

A few days ago, the reality TV star asked his fans. Silvia was plagued by severe arm pain and even signs of paralysis. 'I've been asking you guys for advice this week. Many of you have written to me and encouraged me and also said a few things about what it could be,' said the Eleven mom. Then the bitter realization: Silvia, who has made up her mind to emigrate to Turkey , was bitten by a tiger mosquito.

The bites of the insect from Asia can be deadly - after all, the mosquito is supposed to be over 20 different pathogens can transmit . You can find out here what they are and what you should pay attention to in order to avoid a sting.

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  Lavinia Wollny is doing a panting course with Mama Silvia

Wollny family head is in extreme pain

Luckily, Silvia got off lightly and 'only' has pain in her arm and leg, as she says: 'I have to tell you the pain is extreme. Until today. It got a little better in the arm, but then it went down to the right leg. But I also hope that it will get better in the next few days.” The symptoms are slowly ebbing away, but the confusion remains.

How can such a small animal cause so much pain? wonders the TV personality. At least it was the 57 year old for your Participation in 'Battle of the Reality Stars' vaccinated against exotic mosquitoes and malaria two years ago. Nevertheless, she 'half put such a small mosquito out of action.' That's why Silvia appeals to her fans: 'Take care of yourselves. The smallest mosquito can incapacitate you”. (lkr)

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