Simone Bär is dead: The casting director turned these actors into mega stars


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  HANDOUT - January 18, 2023, Berlin: Simone Bär, casting director (undated photo). Simone Bär died in Berlin on January 16, 2023 at the age of 57, as the German Film Academy announced on Wednesday. Photo: Sophia Balmes/German Film Academy
Casting director Simone Bär has died. © dpa, Sophia Balmes, kde

She was behind the occupation of the Tarantino-Kultwerks „Inglorious Basterds“ , the Netflix hit series “Dark” and the German cinema hit “Good Bye, Lenin”. Simone Bär was the casting director for this and many other successes in film and television. Now she is dead. The casting director died at the age of just 57. This was confirmed by the German Film Academy. Hollywood is now mourning the exceptional talent and certainly also THESE actors who owe their breakthrough to her.

Christoph Waltz

  Christoph Waltz.
Christoph Waltz. © © 2022, Inc. or its affiliates, SpotOn

When nasty Nazi Colonel Hans Landa succeeded Christoph Waltz (66) the international breakthrough . For the role, which he owes to Simone Bär, the native Austrian even got his first Oscar. And that shouldn't be the only one. Since his Tarantino debut, the actor starred in numerous Hollywood films, including Django Unchained, for which he scooped a second Oscar, Roman Polanski's The God of Carnage, and the Bond blockbusters Specter and No Time To Die.

Daniel Brühl

  Daniel Bruehl at the 80th Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills.
Daniel Bruehl at the 80th Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills. © action press, ActionPress, jh

Daniel Brühl also became internationally famous through Simone Bär. His career really picked up speed after his leading role in the GDR comedy Good Bye Lenin, for which Bär cast him. After that he acted - just like Christoph Waltz - in 'Inglourious Basterds' and celebrated film successes with 'The Bourne Ultimatum', 'The First Avenger: Civil War' and 'The King's Man: The Beginning'.

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Louis Hofmann

  Louis Hofmann
Louis Hofmann ©, Cover Media

In contrast to Christoph Waltz and Daniel Brühl, Louis Hofmann is still relatively new to Hollywood. In the Netflix series 'Dark', 25-year-old Bensberger played the main protagonist Jonas Kahnwald. After that, the doors were not only open to him for German productions: On the side of He played megastar Jennifer Lawrence in 'Red Sparrow' and in 'Nurejew - The White Crow' he listened to the stage directions of Ralph Fiennes .

Bär's cause of death not yet known

Would the actors have made their breakthrough without Simone Bär? Nobody knows. What is certain, however, is that her career was significantly shaped by the Berliner by choice. And they will probably never forget that. Simone Baer's cause of death has not yet been announced. (lkr)

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