Simone Thomalla has erotic fantasies - from THIS man!


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Simone Thomalla couldn't resist this hottie!

'WHAT? You can't just hand out a joker and ask me questions like that' - but dear Simone Thomalla (57), we can! The actress is a guest in David Modjarad's Quick Q&A 'A Celebrity is a Joker' and there are also very private topics on the table. Our colleague asked her, among other things, whether she had erotic fantasies - it's too bad she had already drawn the saving joker beforehand! In the video, we show which Hollywood cutie she wouldn't push off the edge of the bed!

Would Simone Thomalla marry again?

Simone Thomalla, who can be seen in the new season 'Spring', has been married before. And with André Vetters, with whom she has a daughter Sophia Thomasla (33) has. Would you consider another marriage? There is a potential husband her new boyfriend Nicolino Hermano (45) theoretisch already bad.

With this and other questions, the 57-year-old sweats a lot! Above all - and we really didn't think that - when it comes to her equally famous daughter Sophia... When does Simone Thomalla draw the saving 'I say nothing to' card? All this is also in the video above!

'A celebrity a joker' on

David Modjarad has already cross-examined a few celebrities with the strict rules 'A celebrity is a joker' - the results are available regularly on and can be seen on RTL TV. The rules of the game are tough: ten quick questions for the VIP guest, who must answer all but one. If he or she draws the Joker, it means 'No comment' - but this saving card may only be drawn once.

Jenny Elvers , Rebecca Mir , Kim Gloss and many more - all of them have already been questioned. There are more episodes of the format here. (dga)

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