Smaller and cheaper than the Queen! First information about coronation of King Charles III. known


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  Great Britain, London: King Charles III.
King Charles III According to initial information, it will be crowned in spring 2023. © dpa, Carl De Souza, sat

Will King Charles III. (73) crowned king exactly 70 years after Queen Elizabeth II? That could actually be the case. As 'The Sun' reports, the first information about the upcoming coronation has now become known – and it is apparently supposed to be significantly smaller and cheaper than that of his deceased mother.

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Coronation of King Charles III. probably in May or June

No sooner has Queen Elizabeth II. been buried than the planning for the coronation of King Charles III. began. As 'The Sun' reports, this will probably take place next spring - more specifically in May or June in Westminster Abbey. Exactly in June is also the anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II: on June 2nd exactly 70 years ago (1953) she was crowned queen.

'There is no rush for the coronation and there is a lot of planning that needs to be done. But it will be in May or June depending on what's happening in the world,' an anonymous source quoted The Sun as saying. 'As long as the family remains in official royal mourning until next Monday, nothing will be decided. But everyone is aware that it has to happen next year and May or June is the preferred time.'

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Traditional but streamlined crowning glory

The coronation of Charles III is said to be as magnificent as the coronation of the Queen in 1953. but apparently not failed. Charles has long expressed his desire for a slimmed-down monarchy, The Sun reports. It is therefore assumed that his coronation will reflect this. The cost of living, which is currently rising due to inflation and the war, should also be taken into account in the planning.

'The King is acutely aware of the difficulties facing modern Britons and will enforce his wishes that his coronation ceremony, while remaining true to the long-standing traditions of the past, should also be representative of a monarchy in a modern world,' a royal source told the ' Mirror'. 'The King has long been a supporter of a streamlined or streamlined monarchy and this project certainly fits his vision.'

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Coronation shorter, smaller and less expensive

Incidentally, the cost of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 is estimated at £1.57 million, which is around £45 million today (about 51 million euros).

Sources say Charles' ceremony will be significantly shorter, smaller and less expensive than his late mother's. He also indicated, according to The Sun, that the ceremony will be representative of different faiths and communities to reflect Britain's ethnic and religious diversity. We are excited! (acres)

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