Sommerhaus-Lisha Savage relentlessly honest: 'I don't really want to gain weight'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Lisha Savage:"Ich will eigentlich gar nicht zunehmen"

by Jörg Peters, Benni John, Katrin Schmidt and Denise Gazweiler

“I definitely have an eating disorder” – with this statement confirmed Lisha Savage (36) last week, what many fans had already suspected with concern. The awareness from 'Goodbye Germany' and the 'Summer House of the Stars' has already decreased by 21 kilos. RTL has now visited her and her husband Lou in Mallorca. And in the video she tells us, among other things, that she actually doesn't want to gain weight at all...

Lisha Savage: 'There were days I didn't eat at all'

For her big wedding last year, Lisha wanted to lose weight. But a few kilos suddenly turned into 21! The less the scale showed, the more the YouTuber wanted to lose weight. In the end, she weighs only 51 kilos at a height of 1.70 meters. 'There were days when I didn't eat at all. Really nothing,' she reveals in the RTL interview: 'Then there were days when I lied that I ate so Lou would just rest.'

Lisha's husband Lou was initially enthusiastic at the beginning of their weight loss journey. 'I actually think it's really cool that she was so disciplined and really wanted it and pulled it through. Because everyone knows it's really that hard to lose weight,' he explained to us a few months ago. But he also quickly realized that the 36-year-old is on a dangerous path. Now he supports her in gaining weight, as we also show in the video above.

Lisha now relies on fast food, cakes and the like when she is gaining weight – but you also have to be careful, as nutrition expert Mona Poulev knows. 'Every calorie she eats like this is stored in fat cells,' she explains. If you mainly use sweet and greasy things, you mainly only consume bad calories that “have no minerals and no other nutrients”.

The ex-“Summer House of the Stars” candidate has been struggling with an eating disorder for a long time

'I was very skinny as a kid, really very skinny, and yet somehow I always thought I wasn't skinny enough and stuck my finger down my throat. Secretly, when we ate and stuff like that, so I just don't gain weight,' Lisha Savage said in the fall: 'I think you never really get out of an eating disorder like that, I don't think I'm to this day.' Now she knows she has to change something – and not only gets the support of her husband, but also of the fans who are behind her even during this time.

Do you suffer from an eating disorder? Those affected can find help here

Eating disorders are among the most common chronic diseases. It doesn't matter whether it's anorexia, bulimia or binge eating syndrome: once you're caught in the vicious circle of an eating disorder, you usually can't get out without outside help. It is all the more important to know who to turn to if you have questions or are unsure. Those affected can find help here.

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