Sommerhaus star Lisha Savage makes illness public: 'Definitely have an eating disorder'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Lisha Savage
Lisha Savage admits she has an eating disorder. © RTL

A wedding only changes the surname for most people Lisha Savage (36) she changed the whole world. What a traumatic situation she experienced and how it still affects her, she has now revealed in a mercilessly honest way.

After the dream wedding, Lisha's nightmare began

  Lisha Savage
This video shook Lisha awake. © Instagram, Instagram/lishaandlou_the_originals

The former summer house residents Lisha and Lou said yes at 'Goodbye Germany' last year. After the dream wedding however, a nightmare began for Lisha.

And it all started with a moment during the wedding preparations: Lisha tore her wedding dress to fit in . A small moment that triggered a lot in her. is she too fat Lisha began to starve, started a radical diet. She lost a total of 21 kilos. For the reality TV star, it was a long-time success.

But now she admits to herself: 'I definitely have an eating disorder'. In a YouTube video she tells her husband Lou that she is sick. She always wanted to lose weight and warnings from the environment like 'You look sick. ' taken as a compliment.

Lisha and Lou's dream wedding

  Influencer Lisha Savage reacts with emotion at the wedding

The redeeming moment

But now it has clicked for her. A short video from the gym shook Reality TV starlet Lisha awake. She filmed herself posing in a bikini. A sight that suddenly shocked the influencer. 'Do I really look like that?' she asked her husband. Her body image is now extremely disturbed: 'What I see in the mirror and what the camera shows are two different worlds for me.' Too thin in the photo, too fat in the mirror. But this moment opened her eyes, maybe saved it even her life.She is out of the downward spiral: Lisha now wants to gain 2.4 kilos to reach her ideal weight of 58 kilos.She would especially like to gain weight on her butt.

Lisha thanks her family

Alone she would fight against that eating disorder can't do it, she admits. She received support from her father in particular husband Lou (33). She thanks them for bringing her back to reality again and again from her body madness. Above all, compassion and understanding would help with the disease, which the population would like to see even more of. Because she has to go through enough at the moment: The Radical Diet didn't just affect her weight. There were panic attacks, problems with the thyroid and the psyche.

To protect herself from criticism and malicious comments that would only aggravate her mental health problems, she has now deactivated her Instagram account. Healing is best done in silence. We wish her a lot of strength for this. (rbe)

Do you suffer from an eating disorder? Those affected can find help here

Eating disorders are among the most common chronic diseases. It doesn't matter whether it's anorexia, bulimia or binge eating syndrome: once you're caught in the vicious circle of an eating disorder, you usually can't get out without outside help. It is all the more important to know who to turn to if you have questions or are unsure. Those affected can find help here.

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