Soon King Charles III. appear on British banknotes


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 König Charles III. in London
King Charles III will soon partially replace the portrait of his mother Queen Elizabeth on banknotes. © IMAGO/i Images, IMAGO/Stephen Lock / i-Images,

The 'Bank of England' wants banknotes with the portrait of the new British king by the end of this year Charles III. (73) present. The central bank announced this on Tuesday. However, the new banknotes should not come into circulation until mid-2024. The design will not change, but instead of the head of the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II. († 96) the likeness of her 73-year-old son will be on it, the message said.

Banknotes with the Queen's face will remain in circulation

 Queen Elizabeth on a bill
Until now, the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II was found on a pound note. © picture alliance, Weber/Eibner-Pressefoto

The banknotes with the Queen remain valid and are only gradually replaced by new ones. The Bank of England has said that notes already printed with her portrait will continue to be circulated at the Palace's request for environmental and financial reasons.

The profile of the new king will also be greeted by stamps in the future, as the Royal Mail announced. However, it is not certain when the stamps with the portrait of King Charles can be stuck onto the first letters. Also for reasons of environmental protection, the inventories of existing brands are to be used up first.

All new after the death of the Queen

The palace also had on Tuesday presented the new monogram of the king , which will be emblazoned on government buildings, mailboxes and government documents in the future. It shows the intertwined letters C for Charles and R for Rex (Latin for king) with the Latin numeral III. Here, too, the conversion is to be carried out gradually. However, the first letters were already printed for media attention .

In the video below you can see what tasks now lie ahead of the new king. (dpa/vne)

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