Sophia Thomalla and Alexander Zverev more private than ever: getting to know each other was 'not a romantic story'


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 Getting to know Sophia Thomalla and Alexander Zverev

Since October 2021 THEY are the new dream couple in the German media landscape: Sophia Thomalla and Alexander Zverev ! Their love not only came as a surprise to fans – the relationship also developed rapidly for the model and the tennis professional, as shown in the RTL+ documentary 'Zverev - The Unfinished' revealed exclusively. What connects the two, they reveal in the video above.

Sophia Thomalla: 'It's not a romantic story'

Sophia Thomalla and Alexander Zverev have probably never been seen so intimately: they talk about the story of their getting to know each other, their relationship and what they love most about each other.

Thomalla and her 'Sascha', as she affectionately calls him by his nickname, met through friends. 'We really got to know each other in our own way in Berlin,' said Zverev. 'It's not a romantic story. You then talk to each other and think: 'Yeah, something can be done' and then all of a sudden it happens,' beams Thomalla .

Zverev always has an ear for his Sophia

The two didn't have a real everyday life. She models, is an entrepreneur and has to travel a lot. Just like him: he trains hard for his tennis career, flies to matches all over the world. That's why Zverev's favorite moment with his Sophia is just sitting on the couch in the evening. Normal couple time, one might say. But because both jobs are so turbulent, they appreciate these supposedly normal moments.

Supporting each other's jobs is important to both of them. “In between all the stress, I definitely need someone I can call 24 hours a day and throw up on. And who takes it well. And he's very good at it,' says Sophia enthusiastically. He always has an ear for her.

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