Sophia Thomalla: jungle camp candidate? That's behind her trip to Australia


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Sophia Thomalla in the Australian jungle.
Sophia Thomalla in the Australian jungle. © Instagram/Sophia Thomalla

Do we have a spontaneous newcomer to the jungle camp? A celebrity is also traveling to Australia to coincide with the filming of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. But the reason is not a jungle test.

It's not going to the jungle camp

The jungle camper have arrived in Australia… and Sophia Thomasla (33) is already here! Disgusting exams and rice with beans are not on her agenda. Your reason for flying to the continents is different: The Australian Open is coming up. It is the first of the four Grand Slam tournaments of the year. But don't worry: in addition to modeling and moderating, Sophia suddenly can't play tennis. No, she's only there to cheer you on! Freund swings the bat Alexander Zverev (25). The tennis star is currently 12th in the world rankings. The girlfriend has to be on site to share the excitement, Sophia Thomalla obviously thought. So for them it means cheering and sizzling in the sun for almost a month. Could be worse .

Sophia Thomalla is simply amazing

 Sophia Thomalla gets a Ballermann hit dedicated

Volunteer to get up close and personal with animals

If she's already there, then she takes everything with her. Such as a self-imposed jungle test à la Thomalla: feeding wild animals.

Brave hand first in the mouth

She boldly stretches out her hand towards the hungry mouths of ... fluffy, cute kangaroos. Yes, with these cute hops, many would certainly like to do that. Without fear of contact Sophia lets her animal friends slurp food out of her hand. Cute! And as a souvenir there is also a cuddly friend to take away - but only made of plush. A little penguin. Maybe a lucky charm for her friend Alexander?

With these insights, the aptitude test for the jungle camp is definitely passed! Sophia, you're a star and you definitely don't have to leave the jungle. (rbe)

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