'SOS.' by Britney Spears? Now she bursts into tears in front of the camera


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Britney Spears starts crying while dancing

Britney Spears (40) shares another dance video on Instagram with her 42 million follower community. Nothing new in itself - but this time the pop star bursts into tears. The singer just celebrated her first year in freedom - but Britney's life continues to have its ups and downs, not least because of her two sons Sean, 17, and Jayden, 16, who just celebrated their birthdays. You can see the moving scenes in our video above.

Meaningful song in the background?

The French song that Britney performs to in her latest dance video on Instagram could be interpreted a lot. Indila (38) is the name of the artist from Paris and sings in her song 'S.O.S.': 'It's an emergency call, I was hit, I'm lying on the ground', she further asks: 'Do you hear my helplessness? is there anyone I feel like I'm losing myself.” At the end of the sequence, the 40-year-old begins to cry. You can hear her sobbing over and over again. In the attached text, however, Britney assures that this is not a breakdown!

'It's been a while since I cried on camera,' she writes. 'It's a release I've needed for a long time now.' Today (September 14) her eldest son, Sean, celebrates his 17th birthday. His brother Jayden turned 16 two days ago. But her mother could only congratulate the two online on Instagram, because her sons no longer want to have any contact with her . 'I love you both so much,' she captioned two photos on the social media platform.

Britney Spears tries to break free

Britney Spears' year looked so promising: she finally wanted to marry her great love and above all finally live their lives after 13 years of guardianship of their father Jamie (70). . But except for that Fairytale wedding with her Sam Asghari (28) in June it doesn't seem to want to run smoothly. The singer keeps making headlines. Your fans are worried because she constantly strips naked and uploads nude photos on Instagram . This is said to be the reason why her teenage sons broke off contact with their mother. Britney describes crying as a 'spiritual experience.' She should do this more often. It really seems as if she wants to shake off her pent-up emotions - anger, sadness, in case of doubt also despair.

Elsewhere in the French song, the song continues: 'I've fallen so low that no one sees me anymore. I'm lost in anonymity, defeated by the emptiness and the cold. I'd like to come back, but I can't.' Did Britney choose the song on purpose to send a message? Not clear! She sings along to parts of the song, moving her lips along, and seems to understand what it's about. Hopefully the dancing and also the 'spiritual experience' of letting go will help her deal with her situation. (vne)

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