Spice Girls biopic? Those would be Mel B's suggestions for the cast


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 Spice Girls biopic? Those would be Mel B's suggestions for the cast
Mel B talks actresses who could play her and the other members of the Spice Girls in a movie. © Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock.com, SpotOn

Who could play her?

Film biographies about stars and musicians in particular have been quite popular in recent years. So why shouldn't there also be a biopic about the Spice Girls? Mel B (47), also known as 'Scary Spice', is not sure if there will ever be such a film about the girl group. But if it does, she already has some big names in acting in mind that she and the rest of the troupe could play.

From Halle Berry to Angelina Jolie

And who should play 'Scary Spice'? 'There are so many great actresses out there [...] I mean, the list is endless,' says Mel B in an interview with 'Entertainment Tonight' and lists Viola Davis (57) and Halle Berry (56), among others . However, it could be difficult to find a cast member for 'Scary Spice.' 'Because it's a rollercoaster ride,' jokes the singer.

Mel B already has suggestions for two of her Spice colleagues. For example, she could imagine Angelina Jolie (47) as Victoria 'Posh Spice' Beckham (48) and Kate Hudson (43) or her mother Goldie Hawn (77) as Emma Bunton (47), who was nicknamed 'Baby Spice'. . However, she has no suggestions for the roles of Geri Horner (50, 'Ginger Spice') and Mel C (49, 'Sporty Spice'). So it might be your favorite variant anyway if five previously unknown actresses would embody the Spice Girls.

A reunion project is coming

In addition, Mel B promised that there would be a kind of reunion for the fans in the near future. The 47-year-old explained: 'I can't tell you exactly but there will be something that will be announced pretty soon. It's going to be a project that we're really excited about and it's mostly for the fans.'

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