Star director Sam Mendes criticizes viewers' streaming behavior


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 Star director Sam Mendes criticizes viewers' streaming behavior
Filmmaker Sam Mendes dedicated himself to a smaller film production with 'Empire of Lights'. © Copyright (c) 2012 Piotr Zajac/Shutterstock. No use without permission., SpotOn

'Empire of Lights'

The Oscar-winning filmmaker Sam Mendes (57) vented his anger in an interview. What upsets the director of cult films like 'American Beauty' or 'James Bond 007: Skyfall' is the lack of interest in his latest film 'Empire of Light'. 'Nobody has seen him. The cinema is in real trouble!' The Brit is quoted as saying by the 'Daily Mail'.

Sam Mendes isn't the only one concerned about the ever-declining number of moviegoers. It would become increasingly difficult for many, smaller film productions to hold their own against the few blockbusters at the box office. Even if the number of visitors has almost risen back to the level before the Covid pandemic over the course of the last year, the number would only refer to just under 25 Hollywood productions and not to several hundred.

This means that the smaller films, which already have a harder time on the market, are left behind. A fate that befell his latest work 'Empire of Light'. 'This film is 10 times harder to release and gets 10 times more criticism than a Bond film,' Sam Mendes said. The director advocates paying less money at the box office for smaller productions in order to promote these projects as well.

James Cameron demands: 'Enough with the streaming!'

But it's not just the death of cinema that upsets the filmmaker. 'People think we can stay at home and see it on our streaming service in three or four weeks, or even right away, in the case of a Netflix film or a film from Apple,' he criticizes viewer behavior and doesn't agree with that alone. 'We say as a society: We need this! We have to go to the cinema!' Said 'Titanic' director James Cameron (68) in an interview with 'Variety' and added: 'Enough with the streaming! I'm tired of it 'to sit on my ass'. Despite the criticism, Cameron's film 'Avatar 2' is enjoying great success in cinemas. After its fourth weekend in global theaters, 'Avatar: The Way of Water' has grossed $1.708 billion.

According to Mendes, in addition to his own film work, other top films have received little attention in the cinemas. 'In a world where no one went to see her in Spielberg's film, in Damien Chazelle's film and Alejandro Inarritu's film, in James Gray's film, all I can say is she's clearly in trouble,' concludes Sam Mendes.

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