State reception drama: have Meghan and Harry been unloaded?


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 September 14, 2022, Great Britain, London: Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, pay their last respects to Queen Elizabeth II while the coffin is ready to be laid out in Westminster Hall. Were they never invited or were
Harry, Meghan at a funeral service in honor of the Queen. © dpa, Christopher Furlong, OB sab

Were they never invited, or were they uninvited again? There is confusion about the participation of Queen's grandson Prince Harry and his wife Duchess Meghan at the state reception for guests at the Queen's funeral.

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Discharged or never invited?

The BBC reported on Saturday, citing sources close to the couple, that the pair had received an email invitation. 'But now they are irritated that they can no longer participate,' it said. Palace insiders, on the other hand, emphasized that only active members of the royal family were invited to the event. Harry and Meghan had given up their royal duties a long time ago.

This is a reception from King Charles III , Harry's father, for guests of honor including US President Joe Biden at Buckingham Palace on Sunday.

Video: Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan hold hands at the funeral service

The relationship between Meghan and Harry, who have lived in the United States for years, and the rest of the royal family is considered to be badly damaged. The occasion was the couple's sharp criticism of the palace, especially Charles.

In his first speech as king, the 73-year-old emphasized his love for Meghan and Harry. In addition, the Afghan veteran Harry is said to be allowed to wear a uniform at a wake for the Queen on Saturday evening at his father's request, although he had to give up his military ranks when he retired from the royal family. These gestures are considered peace offerings from the king.

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 Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan hold hands
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