Stefan Mross on a hit tour: SHE replaces Anna-Carina Woitschack


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  Stefan Mross is going on the 'Immer wieder Schlager' tour again.
Stefan Mross is going on the 'Immer wieder Schlager' tour again. © IMAGO/STAR-MEDIA,

  • Stefan Mross has found a replacement for Anna-Carina Woitschack
  • Singer Matthias Reim and GZSZ actress Iris Mareike Steen will work together
  • Oops! Is Helene Fischer thinking about the end of her career?

May 26: Stefan Mross replaces Anna-Carina Woitschack with THIS singer

  Singer Nicki celebrated huge successes in the 80s with songs like 'If i dance with you' or 'I'm a Bavarian Cowgirl'.
Singer Nicki celebrated huge successes in the 80s with songs like 'If i dance with you' or 'I'm a Bavarian Cowgirl'. © picture alliance

They broke up in November 2022 Stephen Mross (47) and Anna-Carina Woitschack (30). Now it's not only private, but also professionally over with the Schlager dream couple. At least as far as Stefan's 'Immer wieder Schlager' tour is concerned, which starts in September 2023. Instead of Anna-Carina, singer Nicki goes on tour with Mross. The 56-year-old is one of THE hit legends of the 1980s and was a regular guest in Dieter Thomas Heck's 'ZDF hit parade' with hits like 'If i dance with you' or 'I'm a Bavarian cowgirl'.

But Anna-Carina and Stefan don't go their separate ways professionally. On July 23, she will appear on his show 'Always Sundays' - and 'is looking forward to it', as she announced in early May.

May 25: That's why Matthias Reim will soon be working with Iris Mareike Steen

Opposites attract! Whether it was perhaps due to the fact that pop singers Matthew Reim (65) will soon be working with Iris Mareike Steen (31)? Probably not, because: The two have more in common than it seems at first glance. In addition to her acting career with 'Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten', Iris is also trying to be a singer!

Reading Tip: What does that mean for your GZSZ role? Iris Mareike Steen also makes music .

The 31-year-old reveals to RTL that she can appear as a support act at three Matthias Reim concerts. And she can't contain her excitement: 'When my management called me to tell me this, I was sitting on the subway. It was incredibly difficult for me not to scream out loud. I still can't really believe that either.” How big will the excitement be when “little Iris is on such a big stage”?

May 24: Is Helene Fischer already thinking about the end of her career?

Actually is Helene Fischer (38) currently traveling through Germany with her “Rausch” tour , inspires thousands of fans and proves once again: She is the undisputed hit queen! In a new interview with 'Zeit', the singer suddenly makes a statement that makes you sit up and take notice.

According to '' Helene explains: 'I can't imagine life without music, stage and connection to the audience.' So far, so reassuring for her fans. The 38-year-old goes on to say: 'I still believe that I will not miss the moment when I say: 'Now that's enough.'' Yikes! Is the pop singer already thinking about giving up her career?

After all – recently she presented her “Best Of” album on Instagram. 'Helene Fischer is 17 years in here,' she beamed visibly proudly into the camera. There have been shorter careers. In an interview with 'SRF' in December 2022, she explained that she was on the verge of burnout before the corona pandemic . 'Thank god I got the hang of it,' she recalled. And has this attitude apparently retained! Because the status quo is still: Helene shines on the stage like no other.

In the video: Hot, hotter, Helene! Here she kisses her Thomas on stage.

  Helene Fischer kisses her Thomas on stage

May 23: Helene Fischer has to deal with sharp criticism for a new advertising deal

Actually is Helene Fischer (38) Germany's Schlager favorite. Actually – because the singer has to take a lot of criticism for a new advertising deal. It's about the Lidl discount chain, which on the occasion of its 50th birthday Max Giermann (47) and Barbara Schöneberger (49) also hired Schlagerqueen Helene Fischer as the new advertising face.

In Helene's part of the commercial, the 38-year-old goes shopping in the discounter. She is accompanied by a remix of her song 'Atemlos durch die Nacht' and various background dancers. The scenario does not cause supposedly surprised faces among the actors in the clip, but also split reactions among Helene's fans.

Reading Tip: Max Giermann in an interview! That's why he is 'in love with' Helene Fischer .

While some are happy that their idol is once again showing their humorous side, others are angry at Helene. 'As if this woman goes shopping there... very believable,' laughs one Instagram user sarcastically. On Twitter it says: 'I think I've discovered a whole new form of foreign shame. What else, 2023, what else?” It is clear: Many find it incredible that the hit queen is advertising a discounter. But still: The majority of the reactions remain positive. Helene Fischer is still Helene Fischer.

May 22: In Waghäusel, Beatrice Egli has to cope with the shock of the audience

Such a situation is likely even for the experienced pop singer Beatrice He (34) be an absolute novelty. At the 'Zucker Wag & Häusel' festival in Waghäusel near Karlsruhe, the marquee where Egli performed was only about a third full. This is reported by the 'Baden Latest News'.

reading tip : Wincent Weiß beats Beatrice Egli! Don't worry: this fun game is behind it .

A Schlager fan is disappointed in the newspaper: 'I would have expected that there would be a real crowd in front of the stage at this time. Normally, Beatrice Egli is a crowd puller.'

Beatrice does not clarify whether the pop singer herself was just as surprised by the lack of an audience. In any case, the 34-year-old was not upset – and put on a great show in front of a small, cozy audience.

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