Stéphanie of Monaco: That's why you never see Michele, her children's half-brother


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Princess Stephanie of Monaco attending 36th Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo, Monaco on January 24, 2012. Pool Photo by Charly Gallo/Monaco Press Center/ABACAPRESS.COM  # 305725_103
Stephanie von Monaco © picture alliance / abaca, Guibbaud-Orban

Am Monegasque National Day Stéphanie von Monaco (57) beamed with her two children Louis (29) and Pauline Ducruet (28). It is clear that this family gets along brilliantly. But: An important person was not present in the principality on the national holiday – and there is a reason for that.

Stéphanie of Monaco's son: This is Michaël Ducruet

Actually, this blended family seems to have found each other. But this man is an exception – we are talking about Michaël Ducruet (30). Whenever the royal family gathers, he is not there, although he is the half-brother of Stéphanie von Monaco's children. Quite unusual, because the princess usually comes with one or all three children. In addition to Louis and Pauline, half-sister Camille Gottlieb (24), who comes from Stéphanie's liaison with her ex-bodyguard Jean-Raymond Gottlieb (55), is also included.

But the half-brother does not seem to belong to the Monegasque princely family. The only thing that connects them seems to be their father Daniel Ducruet (57).

But what does Michaël Ducruet actually do?

According to his Instagram account, the 30-year-old has been married since September – to Coralie Bruno. Also, Louis and Pauline's half brother is in the process of getting his Private Pilot's License (PPL). In October 2021, he completed his training with the 'Garde Républicaine' - a French police unit of the Gendarmerie Nationale, which reports to the French Ministry of Defence.

In the video: Monaco twins look like mom and dad

 Monaco twins look like mom and dad

Obviously Michaël likes to share his life on his social media account, after all he likes to show off his well-toned upper body and his love for sports on Instagram. One looks in vain for his half-siblings. Seems the 30-year-old is content not to belong to the Monegasque royal family. (msu)

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