'Stifler's Mom' ​​is back! Why a dream comes true for Jennifer Coolidge at 60+


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  Jennifer Coolidge at the Golden Globe Awards 2023
What a triumph! Jennifer Coolidge Wins Her First Golden Globe Award! © REUTERS, MARIO ANZUONI, /

There's the golden trophy! After a good thirty years in the business as an actress Jennifer Coolidge (61) apparently finally arrived where she always wanted to be! For many, she was one thing above all: 'Stifler's Mom' ​​from the cult teen comedy 'American Pie' from 1999. In her acceptance speech, she exuberantly honored 'The White Lotus' director Mike White (52) – finally she would go to parties to be invited. What a comeback!

Jennifer's biggest win

  Jim's dad Noah (Eugene Levy) has been pretty depressed since his wife died. That changes when he meets Stifler's mom Janine (Jennifer Coolidge) at the party.
Jennifer Coolidge rose to fame as 'Stifler's Mum' in the late '90s.

'I want you to know that I had such big dreams and visions as a young woman, but then they kind of fizzled out,' Jennifer said in her acceptance speech at the Golden Globe Awards. A dream may finally have come true: Coolidge is officially the 'Best Supporting Actress in a Series' of the year! Her role as Tanya McQuoid in the successful series 'The White Lotus' has catapulted the 61-year-old out of what she felt was her immersion.

23 years ago, the world really took notice of Jennifer Coolidge. Back then, she played the role of Stifler's (Sean William Scott) mother in 'American Pie,' who turned one or the other young man's head in the successful film series. The epitome of a colloquially known as 'MILF'! Finch (played by Eddie Kaye Thomas) in particular had his eye on 'Stifler's Mom'.

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In the video: 'American Pie' Jennifer Coolidge gave one thing above all - lots of sex!

  Jennifer Coolidge: Very much sex thanks"American Pie"

Jennifer's career in the shadows

In fact, it's not as if the 61-year-old was idle in the years that followed, quite the opposite: in her thirty-year career, according to the Internet database 'imdb.com', she has been involved in over 120 projects, and she has played in big ones again and again Productions with such as in the two 'Naturally Blond' films Reese Witherspoon (46) or in 'Cinderella Story' next to Hilary Duff (35). Also on TV Jennifer could be seen again and again, in supporting roles in ' Friends ' and ' Sex and the City ' or in the main cast of the series '2 Broke Girls'. But she didn't get much attention.

The social satire 'The White Lotus' should change that: after a successful first season, the broadcaster HBO ordered a second one. The entire cast was renewed, with only Jennifer Coolidge remaining. Her portrayal of Tanya was so popular that the series writers couldn't help it! Last year she won her first major film award, the Emmy, for this role. Now follows a Golden Globe - congratulations!

From the 'Queen of Monaco' to the acting queen

As a young woman, she thought that one day she would become 'the Queen of Monaco', she recalls, to the amusement of the audience, one of her dreams from her youth. 'But someone else got in the way.' And the older you get, the more you realize that life doesn't always go the way you imagined it would when you were young, she says in her acceptance speech.

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'You changed my life in a million ways,' she thanks the series creator. 'I've never been invited to my neighbors' parties and now everyone is!' Even if that is to be understood with a wink: Jennifer Coolidge is finally where she belongs - at the top! Director Mike White, to whom she praised, couldn't hold back tears at the end. The film 'Shotgun Wedding' is coming to cinemas soon – here Jennifer plays alongside Superstar Jennifer Lopez (53). Two Jennifers who now play at eye level at the latest. (vne)

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