Suddenly mom! These stars have become surprising parents


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  Suddenly mom! These stars have become surprising parents
Naomi Campbell, Paris Hilton, Rebel Wilson - for the public, they all became mothers from one day to the next. © Landmark Media/ImageCollect / Kathy Hutchins/ / Fred Duval/, SpotOn

Hilton, Campbell, Wilson...

This message should have raised some eyebrows today: Paris Hilton (41) has become the mother of a little son, as she announced on Instagram. The new mother role of the former party girl comes as a surprise to the public, there are no pictures of Paris with a round baby bump. No wonder: the little one was born by a surrogate mother.

The notification of sudden maternity or paternity has recently become more and more common. Rebel Wilson (42) also found her mother's happiness in 2022 through surrogacy and with her partner Ramona Agruma. She announced via Instagram on November 7 that her daughter, Royce Lillian, was born.

Naomi Campbell will be a mother at 50

Even more surprising was the surprising motherhood of Naomi Campbell (52). At the age of 50, the British top model announced in May 2021 with a now-deleted Instagram post that she had had a baby. 'I am so honored to have this gentle soul in my life, there are no words to describe the lifelong bond I now share with you my angel. There is no greater love,' Campbell wrote. The child was born through a surrogate mother.

In July 2021, Amber Heard also announced in a post that she is now in the Mama Club - also via surrogate mother, also without 'warning'. As with Campbell, nothing is currently known about a partner of the actress. In her post, the actress indirectly addresses this: she decided four years ago that she wanted to have children on her own terms. She hopes that wanting to have a child without having a ring on your finger will become normal.

Diaz, Parker, Kardashian, Kidman ...

Cameron Diaz (50) surprised her fans in January 2020 with a photo of a little girl. The fact that the then 47-year-old gave birth to little Raddix via surrogate mother is likely, but has never been publicly confirmed. Ellen Pompeo (53), who had already given birth to two children via surrogate mothers, was relatively early on. The married 'Grey's Anatomy' star gave birth to his second daughter in October 2014 and his first son was born in December 2016.

Also the 13-year-old twins of Sarah Jessica Parker (57) and Matthew Broderick (60), the second daughter of Nicole Kidman (55) and Keith Urban (55), the last two children of Kim Kardashian (42) and Kanye West (45) and three children of Cristiano Ronaldo (37) were also born by surrogate mother.

Gay stars can also realize their desire to have children thanks to a surrogate mother. Thanks to this opportunity, Ricky Martin (51), Neil Patrick Harris (49) and his husband David Burtka (47) or Elton John (75) and his husband David Furnish (60) have become such proud parents.

The secret pregnancy: Biel, Mendes, Iglesias

Without a surrogate mother, stars have also surprised their fans with offspring: Jessica Biel (40) became pregnant with her second child during the corona pandemic. Due to the lockdowns, the pregnancy went unnoticed by the public. She only found out about the baby when it was six months old.

Eva Mendes (48), who tried to hide her baby bump under loose clothes during her second pregnancy with Ryan Gosling (42), had to put in a little more effort. It worked: The rumors only started a few days before the birth. Enrique Iglesias (47) didn't have to hide himself, but his girlfriend Anna Kournikova (41) did. In February 2020, the singer surprised everyone with a photo from the hospital of him cradling his third child.

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