'Summer House of the Stars' hustle and bustle: Does Eric Sindermann's daughter get any of it?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  This is how Eric Sindermann deals with his depression

Until recently it was still quiet Eric Sindermann . But then his time in the “summer house of the stars” began – and the headlines about “Dr. Sindsen” have not stopped since then. in the VIPstagram-Interview With Tanja Bülter and Kena Amoa he admits: 'I underestimated that a bit.' One shit storm follows the next and the public mud fight with it Ex-partner Katharina Hambuechen. do not stop. The 34-year-old explains in the video above how Eric wants to prevent an extreme relapse into depression in all the drama. But he doesn't just have to protect himself from the hustle and bustle...

Eric Sindermann expected the shitstorm

When Kena Amoa and Tanja Buelter talk to Eric Sindermann before the Sommerhaus broadcast, he can already guess what will happen in the next few weeks: 'I know that when The Summer House airs, I'm going to be in for a shitstorm.' He should be right about that. Because the XXL Zoff with Katha is the number one topic of conversation among the viewers – and neither Eric nor Katharina are spared online.

His daughter is said to have nothing to do with the TV business

What many people don't even know: 'Fashion King' Eric Sindermann was already married and has had a daughter since 2013. But he wants to protect them from the public, as he explains: 'I'm actually trying not to bring my daughter into this business.' Your privacy should be protected at all costs: 'I also keep her completely off camera.'

Although she is still very young, she is old enough to see all the hustle and bustle about her dad. After all, he can currently be seen on TV twice a week in the 'Summer House of the Stars' on RTL. So how does Eric deal with this difficult situation? 'I also tell her when she's watching something: That's television, that's work and she shouldn't always interpret too much into it.' , he says in the “VIPstagram” interview.

'King of Fashion' - Eric has a big goal in mind

  Eric Sindermann and Harald Glööckler together at the 120th Press Ball Berlin
Eric Sindermann and Harald Glööckler together at the 120th Press Ball Berlin © Photo: Geisler-Fotopress/Kubelka, Nicole Kubelka/Geisler-Fotopress

After the 'summer house of the time' it is guaranteed not to calm down around Eric Sindermann. Because he is pursuing a gigantic plan: 'My big goal is to become Germany's fashion king by 2028. I'll do anything for that. I'm convinced that I can do it. I had the best teacher Harald Gloöckler , and this is exactly the direction I want to go.”

See 'The Summer House of the Stars' with Eric Sindermann on RTL +

You can already see what happens in the sixth summer house episode between Eric and Katha on RTL +. The episode will be on TV on September 25th at 8:15 p.m.

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