Supermodels mourn Tatjana Patitz: 'An angel has left us'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Tatjana Patitz died of breast cancer

It was news that shook the fashion world: On January 11, 2023, 'Vogue' announced the death of Tatjana Patitz - at the age of only 56. Patitz was one of the most famous German models. Now her former colleagues say goodbye.

Claudia Schiffer wishes Tatjana Patitz 'horses and dogs' in heaven

'I'm so sad to hear that Tatjana Patitz has left us. She was a real member of the supermodel gang,' writes Claudia Schiffer (52) on Instagram. It is difficult for her to understand that someone died so young. Schiffer remembers working with Tatjana Patitz: 'It was a pleasure to work with her - so grounded and yet always elevated. I hope she has horses and dogs in heaven and she will be greatly missed.”

Cindy Crawford 'grew up together' with Tatjana Patitz

Also Cindy Crawford (56) shares a photo that she shows together with Patitz. 'We were babies together in the fashion industry and I feel like we grew up together,' the 56-year-old writes. Patitz was 'gentle, sensitive, friendly, curious' - 'and who could ever forget those piercing eyes'? Crawford sends condolences to Patitz's family and 'especially the son she loved so much.' For Tatjana Patitz, son Jonah was 'the source of my happiness' .

'An angel has left us': Eva Herzigová, Helena Christensen & others say goodbye

Actress and model colleague Eva Herzigová (49) also has to say goodbye to Tatjana Patitz. 'An angel has left us'. Then she addresses the deceased directly: 'To hear about your passing is the saddest news I could have imagined...I miss you very much'. Carla Bruni (55) says goodbye with a short but sad message: 'Rest in peace, dearest Tatjana.'

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Milla Jovovich (47) remembers a loving and attentive Tatjana: In her first year as a model, she worked with Patitz 'and Tatjana gave me tips and took care of me'. She was like a mother by nature and 'too young to leave this world now.' The Danish model Helena Christensen not only shares numerous Instagram stories that Tatjana Patitz shared with well-known models and next to the photographer Peter Lindbergh († 74) show: 'All of Peter's girls - he loved Tatyana so much, I know she was one of his favorite muses'.

  Helena Christensen shares several stories in which she remembers the late Tatjana Patitz.
Helena Christensen shares several stories in which she remembers the late Tatjana Patitz. ©

German celebrities also say goodbye to the woman from Hamburg

In addition to presenter Frauke Ludowig (59) other German stars also said goodbye to Tatjana Patitz. Guido Maria Kretschmer (57) dedicates a post to the deceased model that shows both together, and Wayne Carpendale (45) not only remembers his last meeting with Patitz, but also his youth: 'She was already the heroine of my childhood, but she was far too young to go.” (cre)

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