Surprise with the British royals: SHE is more popular than Princess Kate


Writed by - Andy Gocker
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From left to right: Princess Kate, Prince William, King Charles III. and king consort Camilla. Princess Anne is seated on the right behind Charles. © imago images/i Images, SpotOn

The British have decided! The opinion institute 'YouGov' asked 1,691 British adults on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week who they think is the best member of the British royal family. So much can be revealed: The ranking of the popularity scale has a surprising number 1! No, it's not this time Princess Kate (40).

1st place is...

For a long time she was considered 'Everybody's Darling' : Princess Kate. Because she wasn't like the other members of the royal family. She seemed approachable, open and nice. But the first place on the popularity scale has now been disputed. A full 72% voted for… Princess Anne (72)!

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Princess Anne is the most popular British royal. © imago/PPE, SpotOn

She is the daughter of the deceased Queen Elisabeth . And you can see that too! As if cut from the face, she resembles the former monarch. But she is also said to have been similar to her in character: Diligence, discipline, love of animals . A spitting image of her mom. Maybe the stepping stone that got her to #1. Because the Queen stood for tradition and structure, which is perhaps a quality that is missing with the hustle and bustle that currently prevails in the royal family.

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Princess Anne isn't involved in the Harry madness

That may even be the key to Princess Anne's popularity: she has nothing to do with all the fuss surrounding Prince Harry. In the scandalous headlines from the royal dropout other family members are predominantly involved. And that is obviously reflected in the ranking.

Prince William (40) still comes off quite well: With 70% popularity, it comes off very popular in 2nd place. Princess Kate (40), on the other hand, loses a lot of popularity votes and slips to 3rd place with 68%. So she is no longer the front runner. The new one will probably not be very enthusiastic either King Charles III . (73). being. Unfortunately, it is no longer enough for him to get on the podium. He is in 4th place. With 62% of the vote, Brits appear to be quite divided on opinion of the current king.

The Golden middle

5th place Prinz Edward (58), probably the most inconspicuous child of Queen Elizabeth. So the Brits don't seem to celebrate too little hustle and bustle. He has a scandal-free marriage and two well-behaved children. That draws little attention to him. A lot of attention, but not exactly positive, had to Queen Camilla (75) plug in. She was recently dubbed 'dangerous' by Prince Harry . Bad promotion for them - and therefore only 6th place.

The British royals bring up the rear

Not surprisingly, the last places are occupied by the 'black sheep' of the family.

Prince Harry's (38) Popularity has fallen to a record low. He is in 8th place, just above his wife Duchess Meghan (41) (22%). His biography is primarily responsible for such a bad position , reveals the opinion research institute “YouGov”. Because before the publication he cut, not great, but at least better.

10th place Prince Andrew (62) with only 7%. But now the amazing thing: Not everyone is the least popular within the British royal family. Especially among the older Brits, Prince Andrew is better off than Prince Harry and his wife – and that after the terrible allegations of abuse ! But despite everything, older Britons have an even worse opinion of it Drop-out couple .

How the British royal family thinks about this ranking is unclear. But it doesn't matter at all! In any case, one should be happy: Princess Anne! Finally at the top - and ahead of her brother King Charles. (rbe)

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