Sweden's Queen Silvia made an honorary citizen of Heidelberg


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 Sweden's Queen Silvia made an honorary citizen of Heidelberg
Sweden's Queen Silvia is now an honorary citizen of Heidelberg. © imago/Scanpix, SpotOn

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On December 23, 1943, the Swedish Queen Silvia was born - as Silvia Renate Sommerlath in Heidelberg. Now, at the age of 79, Silvia is in her home town and was made an honorary citizen there. In front of around 120 guests in the Heidelberg town hall, she was awarded honorary citizenship by Mayor Eckart Würzner (61). 'It's also a great honor for us, she's a great ambassador for the city and the region,' Würzner said before the ceremony, according to 'SWR'.

Honorary citizenship is granted to people who 'have rendered outstanding service to their fellow human beings, to the common good, to the city and to its reputation'. Before the award, a piece was performed by a string orchestra in Silvia's honor. Afterwards, Würzner also welcomed the numerous family members of the Queen, who had also arrived.

'Lost my heart to Heidelberg'

Then he addressed the guest of honor of the day: 'Basically, it's us who are being honored today - with your presence.' Silvia's extensive commitment in various social areas alone has more than justified the appointment of her as an honorary citizen. 'They build bridges and give people hope. Not just in Sweden or Heidelberg, but all over the world. [...] They use their reputation to bring issues to light that would otherwise remain in the dark.'

In her acceptance speech that followed, the Queen said, among other things: 'It is a great pleasure and honor for me to be honored in this way by my home town of Heidelberg. Thank you very much! [...] The beautiful city of Heidelberg has always been very dear to me and my family means a lot.' She ended her lecture, which received a standing ovation, with the words: 'I have lost my heart to the city of Heidelberg.'

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