Tanja Makaric: Julian Claßen's girlfriend shows how she is met with sheer hatred


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Tanja Makaric reveals how her first date with Julian Claßen ended.
Tanja Makarić tells on Instagram how much bullying she has to endure. © tanjamakaric_ / Instagram

When Bianca (29) and Julian Classen (29) in May 2022 their announced separation , many of her fans were shocked. They were considered THE dream couple of the YouTube scene and many thought that this relationship would be for life. Now both stars have new partners again - who have come into the public eye through their liaison with the YouTubers. Tanja Makaric (25) in particular has been reaping a lot of hate on the internet since then.

Statement against hate on the internet

Julian's new friend Tanja Makarić keeps her followers up to date via Instagram and posts many insights into her everyday life. She never shows herself without a filter and her long nails also attract attention. In a question and answer session on Instagram, she now answered questions about the topic and thus faces the haters: 'This is the first and only time that I have said anything on the subject and will also say something for the future. If I use a filter, that's my choice and if I don't use a filter, that's my choice too. I do what makes me happy, what I want to do.” Pretty strong words. But these are not the only topics that lead to hatred on the Internet.

Hate messages also because of the relationship with Julian

Since her relationship with Julian Classen, she has received hate messages every day, even going so far as to wish her cancer and death! And 'simply for the reason that I fell in love with a man'. She continues: 'Obviously this is a difficult subject and I think just because I'm addressing this now it's not going to stop or make anything better. But maybe I can just reiterate that there's no point in making horrible videos about someone, making up rumors, spouting nonsense, and hurting someone so hardcore with words.'

In the video: Julian Claßen is on vacation with his Tanja

 Julian Classen is vacationing with Tanja Makarić

But Tanja also stated that she has a strong psyche and doesn't let such words get to her: 'I'm glad that it hit me (...). I am a very strong person (...). But you know, there are people who just aren't that mentally strong and then get hurt unbelievably and who maybe get a bit sick because of it and maybe even depressed.'

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