Tanja Szewczenko: Sad details about her miscarriage


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  Tanja Shevchenko:"Hatte zwei Embryonen und den Job verloren"
Former figure skater, actress and new author: Tanja Szewczenko. © Eden Books/Kevin Kölker, SpotOn

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  • Tanja Szewczenko: Sad details about her miscarriage
  • Wedding stress: Katharina Eisenblut does not fit into the dress!

11. November 2022

In her book 'Through Hell to Happiness' describes the actress Tanja Shevchenko (45) her first miscarriage. At the time, Tanja didn't know she was pregnant. What she saw and knew was her unexpectedly heavy and long period. But during a trip with her husband, the bleeding got worse - so bad that 'my circulation failed and I almost fell off the bar stool,' the former figure skater recalls. But in the hotel room, Tanja realized that it couldn't just be her period: 'I watched trembling in the shower as the blood ran down my legs,' writes the 45-year-old and continues to remember: 'At some point there was a kind of climax pain and I saw something the size of a cherry stone lying in the water of the toilet. Today I know that it must have been an embryo!' A great shock - the thought of it still sends chills down her spine.

Today the former figure skater has three children with her husband Norman Jeschke (43). Their daughter came eleven years ago and Tanja had it last year even twins.

November 10, 2022: Wedding stress: Katharina Eisenblut does not fit into the dress!

  Catherine Eisenblut
Katharina Eisenblut wants to get married on November 11th © Instagram

chaos at Catherine Eisenblut ! The former DSDS candidate is about to get married. On November 11, she wants to say yes to her lover Niko Kronenbitter. Another special event for the 28-year-old after the birth of little son Emilio in July 2022. But there is a small problem: Shortly before the important day, Katharina does not fit into her wedding dress , as she now reveals in her Instagram story.

While the influencer lets her 158,000 followers participate in the final wedding preparations, she explains: 'Four kilos still too much on the ribs, rings bought only yesterday, dress didn't fit at first, home is messy.' But the bride lets herself in spe does not spoil the mood and approaches the matter pragmatically. First the house is cleaned – and hopefully everything else will then work itself out. Or as Katharina says: 'I need a hero.'

  Katharina Eisenblut does not fit into her wedding dress shortly before the wedding
Katharina Eisenblut does not fit into her wedding dress shortly before the wedding © Instagram

November 9, 2022: Daniela Katzenberger announces a break from Instagram

  Daniela Katzenberger has announced a break from social media.
Daniela Katzenberger has announced a break from social media. © Instagram

Fans of the reality TV star must be strong now, because Daniela Katzenberger (36) surprises with news that is not very good for her: the cult blonde takes a break from Instagram. She says goodbye for an indefinite period.

To the sounds of the song 'I'm so bored' by Joely and Oliver, Daniela writes: 'I don't even know what to post anymore, to be honest. Somehow everything has been there 1,000 times and it's boring. I'm going to take a creative break ' she announces her message. Is there more to it than that?

November 9, 2022: YouTube couple Julian and Bibi Claßen share property

  ARCHIVE - December 5th, 2018, Berlin: The YouTuber couple Julian
Youtuber Bibi and Julian © dpa, Christoph Soeder, christoph soeder htf

gave in May Julian and Bianca „Bibi“ Claßen known to them are no longer a couple . The news shocked her millions of fans! In his Instagram story, the YouTuber now speaks up and reports that he and his ex had a notary appointment.

'I divided the property with Bibi and clarified other things,' said the 29-year-old. It is not known whether the division of their property became a topic of dispute. After their official love off, Julian and Bianca still get along well, according to their own statements. 'We all get along,' the 29-year-old reassured his community. That sounds almost too harmonious to be true...

November 8, 2022: Dagi Bee has this new hair color

  Here Dagi Bee shows her new hair color
Here Dagi Bee shows her new hair color © instagram/dagibee

New hair colors also mean (in many cases) changes: it's the same with Dagi Bee (28) the case? Or did you just not like the old hair color anymore? Finally, the YouTuber wore a beautiful strawberry blonde for just a few weeks . Now the 28-year-old is presenting her new old self: Dagi Bee is (of course) blonde again! And even if others might want to herald a new phase of life, this 'back to blond' move has only one reason and Dagi shares it directly with her fans and followers: 'I thought the copper was great, but it was time for the color to refresh again. I was afraid that the red pigments would get into the hair too much. That's why I just made her blonde again and: I'm happyyyy, even if I felt the copper,' the influencer explains her decision.

Senna Gammour reveals what she likes about men

  Senna Gammour at GALA.
Senna Gammour at GALA. © RTL

Senna Gammour is among their fans rather than Long term single known. In a question and answer session on Instagram, however, she now shares the things that she finds particularly attractive in men. In the video she says: 'What I find very attractive in men is when they can be intelligent but also funny at the same time (...) I love it when men are well-groomed. I pay attention to hands and feet. And if they smell damn good. (...) That's a very important point for me: you have to be able to conquer me. I just find it so sexy when a man can do something like that and stands by it.” Well, then the men know about it now.

November 7, 2022: Daniela Katzenberger shows her athletic figure

  Daniela Katzenberger shows her athletic figure on Instagram.
Daniela Katzenberger shows her athletic figure on Instagram. © Instagram/danielakatzenberger

Daniela Katzenberger (36) does something for her amazing figure! The TV personality proves it with a new snapshot on Instagram. In sports leggings, sneakers and a sports bra, the cat poses grinning in front of a mirror in a changing room. Seems like the mom of the little Sophia (7) Start your week productively at the gym. 'Happy Monday', the 36-year-old writes about her sporty snapshot - and cuts a fine figure!

reading tip : 'Naked cat' Daniela shows up without at the pool

Is the legendary entertainer returning to screens?

  Entertainer Stefan Raab speaks at the opening of the Bits & Pretzels company founders and investors' meeting in Munich, Germany, 24 September 2017. The start-up festival runs until September 26, 2017. Photo: Matthias Balk/dpa +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++
Show legend Stefan Raab is to celebrate his TV comeback with an international #FreeESC. © dpa, Matthias Balk, mbk fpt

Entertainment legend has been waiting for a TV comeback for years Stefan Raab (56) and now the wish of many fans could come true. The former 'TV Total' presenter is said to have plans for a new show – and according to 'Bild' there is said to have been a secret meeting with those responsible in Budapest.

Music has accompanied Raab's career for many years. So it's no wonder that he should have decided on one of his favorite projects when he returned. According to information from 'Bild', the 56-year-old plans to launch his own international 'ESC'. 'It is the further development of Stefan's idea of ​​the German #FreeESC . Now he wants to internationalize it,' a source told the newspaper. The international 'ESC' is scheduled to take place in October 2023 in Cologne's Lanxess Arena. In this music show, each country should then get a box, from which the respective language will be moderated. ProSieben itself has not commented on the alleged plans. There was only the following statement from the broadcaster: “We are looking forward to the #FreeESC 2023. We will answer the questions “When?”, “How?” and “Where?” in good time.”

Stefan Raab himself took fifth place at the traditional ESC 2000 in Stockholm. His protégé Lena Meyer-Landrut, whom he found in his casting show 'Our Star for...', won the title in Oslo in 2010.

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