'Tatort: ​​Azra': This is how the new Vienna thriller will be


Writed by - Andy Gocker
"Tatort: Azra": So wird der neue Wien-Krimi
Bibi Fellner (Adele Neuhauser) and Moritz Eisner (Harald Krassnitzer) in action: The new Vienna 'crime scene: Azra' delves deep into the network of the Georgian mafia in Austria. © ARD Degeto/ORF/Darryl Oswald, SpotOn

Eisner and Fellner in action

On Whit Monday (May 29), the Viennese investigative team will once again hunt down criminals from 8:15 p.m. Bibi Fellner (Adele Neuhauser, 64) and Moritz Eisner (Harald Krassnitzer, 62) want to solve a murder in the mafia milieu of the Austrian metropolis. In Eisner's 55th case, who has been supported by his colleague Fellner since 2011, the two also have to weigh up: How far should an informant go in action? At what point is the risk just too high?

That's what 'Tatort: ​​Azra' is about

A young woman becomes the key in a case of organized crime: Azra (Mariam Hage, 32) has been working as an informant for the police for some time and is said to be an informant in the service of the department for white-collar crime in the environment of the Datviani clan, which has grown dangerously collect clues. But then a murder occurs: the boss's brother is shot dead in front of one of his clubs, and the BKA begins investigating. When Moritz Eisner and Bibi Fellner arrive at the scene of the crime, it is hard to foresee what could happen to them: an internal feud among the clan members or even a larger gang war?

In any case, the people of Datviani keep their mouths shut, despite promised cooperation with the police, and the usual investigative methods only deliver disappointing results. When the investigators manage to get in touch with the informant Azra, the tide turns: After all, nobody gets as close to the suspects as she does. But even if the project sounds promising, it is highly risky and a real game with fire for both Eisner and Fellner as well as for Azra - which comes true at the latest when contact with her breaks off after an action and she can no longer be found. .

Is it worth turning on?

Yes, because it is a classic Krassnitzer-Neuhauser thriller from Vienna. The focus is on the two investigators who build an emotional bond with the main and eponymous character 'Azra'. The whole thing is not embedded in a spectacular setting, but in a thoroughly exciting plot. The plot easily carries the film over the 90 minutes and remains exciting from beginning to end.

Only the somewhat overloaded ending, with a few twists and turns, could have been made a little rounder. The last seconds of the film are impressively staged and once again express the great strength of the Vienna 'crime scene': the endless trust between Eisner and Fellner.

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