'Tatort' star Stefanie Reinsperger defends himself against body shaming


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Stefanie Reinsperger
The actress Stefanie Reinsperger as chief inspector Rosa Herzog in the 'crime scene'. © german press agency

Stefanie Reinsperger (34) is appalled! The “Tatort” actress says she receives hate comments on online platforms because of her weight. Now she is loud against criticism of her body and general criticism of multi-weight actresses.

Stefanie Reinsperger reports on threatening hate comments

If you ask people if other people have commented on their appearance without being asked, then many could probably tell something. Maybe it was your own parents. Or a colleague brought a stupid saying. This is particularly true of people in the public eye. Stefanie Reinsperger knows that. The Austrian has already received many hate comments online on platforms, as she tells the German Press Agency. “That I'm too big, too fat to play certain roles; that I couldn't move at all; that I'm a fat sow who needs to be stabbed.'

Sometimes this is also packaged in autograph requests that are sent to her agency. There are also people on the street who insult you.

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Reinsperger explains why more needs to change in film and television

In her opinion, more needs to change in the film and television world as well. For a long time, multi-weight actresses were only seen in supporting roles. Reinsperger explains why this urgently needs to change. 'Often overweight people stay in the sidekick character - like the overweight funny girlfriend. Or it's the story: 'You are overweight and lose weight completely and then you found a man,' says Reinsperger. 'But why can't overweight women also play the rom-coms and be the title character of a series poster campaign?' (dpa/cba)

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