'Tatort: ​​You stay here': That was the first shoot without Anna Schudt


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"Tatort: Du bleibst hier": So war der erste Dreh ohne Anna Schudt
The Dortmund 'crime scene' (from left): Peter Faber (Jörg Hartmann), Rosa Herzog (Stefanie Reinsperger) and Jan Pawlak (Rick Okon) have to get by without Martina Böhnisch (Anna Schudt). © WDR/Thomas Kost, SpotOn

Martina Bönisch is dead

In the new 'Tatort: ​​You stay here' (January 15, the first), the Dortmund investigative team has to hunt criminals for the first time without Martina Bönisch. Actress Anna Schudt (48) died in February 2022. In the case of 'Love me!' she succumbed to a gunshot wound. The dramatic end came as a surprise, since neither Schudt nor the broadcaster had announced the actress' voluntary departure in advance. For the new case, the actors Jörg Hartmann (53) as Peter Faber, Rick Okon (33) as Jan Pawlak and Stefanie Reinsperger (34) as Rosa Herzog had to stand in front of the camera without their colleague for the first time – which was not easy.

'How to continue without Anna?'

The gap left by the character Martina Bönisch is definitely noticeable in the new thriller. 'Loss is the central underlying theme of 'You stay here'. And life just goes on...' explains director Richard Huber (64) in an interview with the broadcaster. But the farewell has also made itself felt in real life. 'It was the same for us as a film team: how to continue without Anna?' But the trio of Hartmann, Okon and Reinsperger continued and showed a lot of emotions in the new case - from sadness to anger to pure despair.

For Rick Okon, shooting without Anna Schudt felt strange at the beginning, 'especially in the preparation'. 'The reading rehearsals, the first day of shooting... Martina Bönisch is the talk of the whole time,' explains the actor. 'And of course we missed Anna. She is a great person and a wonderful colleague.'

There will be no replacement for the character Bönisch for the time being. Faber, Pawlak and Herzog have to continue investigating as a third party. The next case 'Love is Pain' has already been announced by WDR. Filming took place in Dortmund, Cologne and the surrounding area until the beginning of June 2022. It is scheduled to be broadcast later this year. In 'Love is Pain' Faber will also return to full service.

'Tatort: ​​Love is Pain': That's what it's about

Tram driver Hamza Arkadaş (Mehmet Daloglu) was murdered on his night shift. Although there are no witnesses, the surveillance camera footage shows the driver being attacked by a young passenger. The perpetrator even puts his face in the camera, but the recordings don't help at first. Because he is neither known to the police nor does public prosecutor Matuschek (Moritz Führmann, 44) want to release the pictures. Rosa Herzog calls in the police officer Beate Gräske (Sar Adina Scheer). She is particularly good at recognizing faces and goes in search of the culprit.

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