'Tatort: ​​You stay here': This is the first case without Martina Bönisch


Writed by - Andy Gocker
"Tatort: Du bleibst hier": So wird der erste Fall ohne Martina Bönisch
'Crime scene: You stay here': Peter Faber (Jörg Hartmann, left) clashes with Rosa Herzog (Stefanie Reinsperger) and Jan Pawlak (Rick Okon). © WDR/Bavaria Fiction GmbH/Thomas Kost, SpotOn

Faber and Co. investigate

In February 2022, a 'crime scene' in Dortmund caused a stir: actress Anna Schudt (48) said goodbye to the Sunday thriller after ten years. Your character Martina Bönisch became at the end of the case 'Love me!' shot. How does the rest of the team, consisting of Peter Faber (Jörg Hartmann, 53), Jan Pawlak (Rick Okon, 33) and Rosa Herzog (Stefanie Reinsperger, 34), cope with the loss?

That's exactly what the latest 'crime scene: You stay here' (January 15, 8:15 p.m., the first) focuses on. It is the first case without Bönisch, in which Faber in particular gets a broad platform. Because between all the despair the investigator is confronted with his past.

That's what 'Tatort: ​​You stay here' is about

In Dortmund's Westpark, Pawlak and Herzog are standing in front of a large pool of blood, but there is no body. However, Andreas Richter, the head of a Dortmund real estate company, is missing. With his business model, he has made a number of opponents in Dortmund in recent years: He buys real estate in the Kreuzviertel and transforms rental apartments into luxury properties. Richter is currently divorcing his wife Natalia (Valery Cheplanowa, 42). She doesn't leave a good hair on him either.

Inspector Faber has not yet come to terms with the death of colleague Martina Bönisch. He's on sick leave and pretty much lives in his old manta. Meanwhile, Pawlak and Herzog get to know Faber's father, Josef Faber (Wolfgang Rüter, 72). But the two had apparently not been in contact for decades. What happened between father and son and what does Josef Faber have to do with the case?

Is it worth turning on?

Yes, even if the latest case doesn't come with much excitement. But he doesn't have to. The crime itself seems almost irrelevant, rather you accompany the team in dealing with the grief. Loss is one of the central themes in You Stay Here. All three investigators deal with the pain differently, each looking for a way to cope with the new situation. As expected, Faber in particular is struggling with this. In the new 'crime scene' he investigates rather casually, staggers unshaven and neglected through the picture.

'At first, the team only shares the loneliness, everyone mourns in their own way, for Faber it's about bare survival,' explains director Richard Huber (64) to the broadcaster. Just get on with business and act like nothing happened? That would also have felt wrong and unrealistic in this team. 'I don't think the viewers would have forgiven us either,' said Jörg Hartmann, who played Faber. The characters have therefore been given enough space in the thriller to mourn.

A special feature of this case is that Hartmann was not only involved as an actor, but also as a screenwriter. 'The idea, the characters, the setting, the whole plot, it all came from Jörg Hartmann. It's his film. His creativity, his heart and his soul are in every scene and every dialogue,' explains Jürgen Werner (59), with which the actor wrote the screenplay. Even the title of the case has a greater meaning. 'You stay here' - Bönisch said these three words to Faber shortly before her death. That's the only reason he's trying to stay alive.

Amidst all the pain, the inspector also has to deal with his past. His father appears on the scene and tears open old wounds - traumatic experiences are uncovered. This brings you a little closer to the character Faber. In the rather bleak case, because Herzog and Pawlak also have their baggage to carry, there are always bright spots. The ending in particular might give some tears to their eyes.

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