Tayfun Baydar: What is the GZSZ star actually doing today?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Tayfun Baydar stood on the set of for eight years"Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten" vor den Kameras.
Tayfun Baydar stood in front of the cameras on the set of 'Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten' for eight years.

From 2008 to 2016 was Tayfun Baydar (47) part of the cast of 'Good Times, Bad Times'. He made it from the Hamburg theater stages to the TV screens - but what is he actually doing today?

Tayfun Baydar wanted to do his 'own thing' after GZSZ

In 2016 he said to RTL, A return to 'Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten' for Tayfun Baydar is possible by 2017 at the latest. That's when the final episode starring his character 'Tayfun Badak' flickered across screens. The then 41-year-old liked his departure from the series : “It was a quiet exit. In that respect, I found the departure quite nice. ”Since then, some time has passed in which Baydar has not (yet) returned to GZSZ, but has never put his feet up.

From 'In aller Hoffnung' to 'WaPo Bodensee' to 'SOKO Leipzig' and - very up to date - the 'dream ship' : Since 2017, Baydar has appeared in various well-known series. But never as long in a row as the eight years at GZSZ.

In an interview with 'TV Movie' on November 24, 2022, he reveals: 'I've shot a lot. […] I also did a lot of theater in Karlsruhe and Dresden. I've done a lot, but nothing that's as popular as GZSZ.' Shortly after leaving the series, he wanted to do his 'own thing' - and therefore didn't try very hard to keep in touch with his old co-stars: 'Staying in touch with the actors means staying in touch with GZSZ. I did not want.'

Is there a GZSZ comeback for him? 'I'm not averse'

'When I googled myself recently, I also read that it was supposed to have been quiet around me and that I'm now celebrating a big comeback,' jokes Baydar in an interview with 'TV Spielfilm'. And quickly sends afterwards: 'The past few years have not been quiet for me.' In addition to numerous theater and acting roles, he also directed 'Berlin Day & Night' for a year and a half - only 'many people didn't even notice that.'

Many of his fans are probably still eagerly awaiting a GZSZ comeback. Baydar himself would 'not be averse' to acting again in Kolle-Kiez: 'I would love to come back immediately for a guest role.' But it shouldn't be more than twelve months. The 47-year-old enjoys the peace and anonymity more than the public hype about his person. 'I was able to go window shopping again, stroll through the streets or do other things in peace.'

  As a sympathetic kiosk owner, Tayfun Baydar acted directly into the hearts of GZSZ fans.
As a likeable kiosk owner (here next to Anne Menden as 'Emily'), Tayfun Baydar acted directly into the hearts of GZSZ fans. © Episode 5435, MG RTL D / Rolf Baumgartne

During the shooting of the 'Traumschiff' Baydar trembled in the role of the priest 'Maik' at the side of Florian Silbereisen (41) at minus 25 degrees Celsius in Lapland. But he still had fun: 'I was really happy about the role and I thought to myself that it would probably never have occurred to me to go to Lapland.'

On his Instagram account, Baydar shows a different, creative side of himself. With a photo showing him with a camera, he announces: 'I've been photographing fellow actors for some time now' - and from now on they can officially contact the new photographer for agency photos. From the theater stage to the director's chair to the role of photographer: Baydar shows his creative diversity in many areas. And maybe soon even more publicly than before. (cre)

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