Tears on TV: Birgitta from Sweden will probably never see her sisters again


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Princess Birgitta of Sweden
Princess Birgitta of Sweden has given an emotional insight into her soul in a unique documentary about her life. © picture alliance, /dpa, Patrick van Katwijk

Princess Brigitta of Sweden (85) has not lived in her homeland for around twenty years, but in the warmer regions of Mallorca. There she was accompanied for a day by documentary filmmaker Jens Lind. The result is a unique portrait of the older sister of King Carl Gustaf of Sweden (76), in which she speaks openly about her life in solitude – and even bursts into tears.

'Life goes by so fast'

As one of the four blonde 'Haga sisters', Birgitta became famous as the second eldest daughter of the then heir to the throne of Sweden, Gustaf Adolf (1906 - 1947). The four blonde princesses of Haga Castle were famous people in Sweden in their youth. However, they now live far apart. Birgitta has built a new life in Mallorca where she has a private golf course. That's where the journalist from the Swedish broadcaster 'SVT' met the princess.

However, it got really emotional when he asked her about her parents and siblings. 'Do you think you'll see each other again, sisters?' He asks Birgitta in the TV documentary 'Sessan - en kunglig saga' (German: 'Princess - a royal legend'). 'No,' it says The 85-year-old shudders: 'As things stand now, I don't think so, no.'

This is how the 'Haga sisters' feel today

  Princess Christina, Tord Magnuson, Princess Désirée, Baron Nils August, Princess Birgitta and Princess Margaretha of Sweden.
There will probably never be a meeting with all the sisters like here in Stockholm in 2015. From left to right: Princess Christina, Tord Magnuson, Princess Désirée, Baron Nils August, Princess Birgitta and Princess Margaretha of Sweden. © picture alliance, /dpa, Patrick van Katwijk

Because the four sisters are all older than their brother, who is King of Sweden. Princess Margaretha is the eldest sister at 88 and lives in England. Birgitta follows at 85 (Mallorca), Princess Désirée (84), who lives at Koberg Castle about five hours by car from Stockholm, and Princess Christina (79), who continues to live in the Swedish capital and often with her younger brother seen at royal events.

'We're all too old!' explains the 85-year-old in the current interview. 'We recently talked about the fact that it would be difficult,' was the bitter admission of the princess, who also speaks openly about loneliness in her life She wasn't well but she's better now. That's the positive side. Thank God.'

This year Carl Gustaf will celebrate his 50th anniversary of the throne – actually a good reason for everyone to return home. But that seems questionable when you listen to Birgitta.

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  Termination-Collision fight Carl Gustaf & Prince Daniel

Birgitta in tears: 'Can we please stop for a moment?'

When they then talk about their parents, Birgitta becomes emotional. Her father died in a plane crash at the age of 40. The five siblings had to grow up without their dad. King Carl Gustaf was only a year old when he lost him!

At the sight of a photo, tears come to the princess' eyes. 'Can we please stop for a moment?' She interrupts the interview, crying. She doesn't know what life after death looks like. 'If someone could explain that to me, I would be happy,' she says with a smile, before revealing her touching desire: 'I just know that I want to see my father.' (vne)

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