That's how touching Prince Harry says goodbye to his grandmother, the Queen


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  Queen Elizabeth, Duchess Meghan and Prince William on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.
Prince Harry bids farewell to his beloved grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, in an emotional statement. © dpa, Matt Dunham, sab nic

Unfortunately he didn't make it in time: Prinz Harry (37) arrived two hours after the death of his beloved grandmother last Thursday (September 8), Queen Elizabeth II († 96), at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The touching photos of his arrival went around the world . Now he dedicates loving words of remembrance to his 'Granny'.

Harry: 'I appreciate the time with you'

Of course, Harry also emphasizes the unprecedented commitment of his grandmother, honoring her for her discipline, having devoted her life entirely to the service of the crown. Just over three months ago, Elizabeth II had pompously celebrated her incredible 70th jubilee .

But for Harry, the Queen was one thing above all: his beloved grandmother. 'Omi, while we are deeply saddened by your loss, I am eternally grateful to you for all our 'first' meetings,' he wrote in a statement posted to his website 'From my earliest childhood memories to when I first met you as my supreme commander, to that moment when you met my wonderful wife and hugged your beloved great-grandchildren' - the 37-year-old enumerates all those precious moments that the relationship between shaped by him and his grandmother.

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  Prince Harry was late to say goodbye

A special grandma relationship

harry and his wife, Duchess Meghan (41), happened to be in the UK when news of the Queen's deteriorating health broke. The royal couple, who usually live in California, was for some charity projects in England and Germany .

Life consists of farewells, the prince states in his statement. His grandmother once said: 'Grief is the price we pay for love.' A sentence that can obviously also be applied to the relationship between grandmother and grandson: 'She was admired and respected worldwide,' writes the 37- year olds.

Reading tip: You can read all the developments surrounding the death of the Queen and the upcoming mourning period in Great Britain in our live ticker .

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The Queen is now back with her Philip

'Thank you for your contagious smile,' Harry continues lovingly. 'We smile too knowing that you and grandfather are together again, together in peace.' Beautiful last words from a loving grandson.

Prince Philip († 99) died a good year and a half ago, in April 2021. The Queen succeeded her beloved husband on September 8, 2022 . (vne)

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