That's what Laura Maria will be called after the wedding with Pietro Lombardi


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 What will Laura Maria's name be if she marries Pietro?
What will Laura Maria's name be if she marries Pietro? © @ep25photography

After the sweet ones Junior News Has Pietro Lombardi now dared to take the next step and asked for his girlfriend Laura Maria Rypa's hand. After she has answered the question of all questions with 'yes', it is clear: the two will marry. Only one question would be open: What will Laura Maria's surname be called then?

Laura Maria Rypa: 'As a woman, you naturally want it. There is nothing more beautiful!'

With the marriage proposal from her Pie, a heart's desire has come true for Laura. She already revealed it in the podcast : 'Meanwhile I'll tell you honestly: If he doesn't want to marry me, then he just doesn't want to. But as a woman, you want it, of course. There's nothing more beautiful.'

But Pietro wants the full program, including a chic diamond engagement ring for his Laura. But what would her last name be after a wedding? Lombardi or rather Rypa? The 26-year-old revealed this on Instagram in late summer. In a live stream, she and Pietro answered the followers' questions and said: 'If we get married, I will bear his name and of course the child will too.' Without marriage, the baby would first bear her name.

Then it only remains to be seen whether Pietro and Laura actually say yes before the birth.

In the video: Laura Maria shows her engagement ring

 Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa are engaged

Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa chat in the podcast from the sewing box

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